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29 July

Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter

Price: Â£13, The Body Shop

MNers say: "I was really pleased with the Camomile Butter. I dig my thumbnail in to hoik out a lump and use with a hot muslin cloth." 70isaLimitNotaTarget

"I am also a new convert to the Camomile Butter and really like it. It smells divine. I tend to just use some on my fingertips - I think the trick is to apply it to dry skin." Sleepyfergus

"I love it, and have been following it with the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask in the evenings, which I think is really making a difference. You only need tiny amounts of both." Fallulah

Persil Non-Bio laundry powder

Price: from £3.50, Waitrose

MNers say: "In my experience, Persil Non-Bio Powder is the only one worth using." rabbit123

"I've tried loads and Persil Non-Bio is the best. It gets most things out first time and I only wash on 40." nowttodowithme

"I use Persil, it's really good." HelenF35

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

Price: Â£13.99, Lily Lolo

MNers say: "Lily Lolo for me. I must have been wearing it for about 10 years now and every time I buy something different, I go straight back after a day or so. It always looks great." jasmine1979

"Lily Lolo is fantastic. It doesn't matter how much you slap on, it still doesn't look cakey." DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen

"Another Lily Lolo lover here - I decided some years ago to ditch liquid based foundations. Started with Bare Minerals, then switched to LL not least because it's about half the price. I find mineral foundation gives a 'gentler' look, and this is completely weightless to wear." NanTheWiser

22 July

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Price: Â£9.99, Boots

MNers say: "This product is possibly the best invention in the world, ever (I am including electricity and the wheel in this!). I spray it straight on my legs, then buff/blend in with a mitt."  cloudsandrain

"I apply mine by spraying it onto a tanning mitt rather than straight onto my legs - lovely product. I have medium glow and am fairly pale skinned." Trumpton

"I use the lightest one to cover my veins, strange coloured feet and ankles! It's good stuff." ashtrayheart

SunSense Daily Face SPF50+ Invisible Tint Finish sunscreen

Price: Â£17.58, Amazon

MNers say: "I like an Aussie one called 'SunSense Daily Face SPF50+ Invisible Tint Finish Sunscreen' - I get it from Amazon but I think you can get it from other places." OddBoots

"I have the Sunsense daily 50+ as well, and it's brilliant." CMOTDibbler

"Another vote for the SunSense Daily Face 50+." UnsolvedMystery

Sebo vacuum cleaners

Price: from £169.95, John Lewis

MNers say: "I have the Sebo and it has a hospital grade HEPA filter, removing 99.99% of allergens etc. It's the best vac I have ever had - it propels itself along, like power steering, and picks up fantastically well." BlackCatsAndPurpleDogs

"The Sebo upright is better at raising the pile on my pure wool carpet. Mine is probably 10-years-old and still going strong - which, considering I trashed three Dysons in a year, says a lot for its endurance." alibubbles

"The Sebo is very light and does a better job on the carpets IMO." squaresausage

15 July

Uniqlo T-shirts

Price: from Â£4.90, Uniqlo

MNers say: "Uniqlo is great! I've just bought both short and long sleeve modal/linen T-shirts in the sale. An absolute bargain, and lovely and cool to wear." MarvelousCake

"Uniqlo tees are good." yazzy85

"I have just got a new lot of T-shirts from the sale online. I went to the store on Oxford Street a few weeks ago - there's much more choice online." twojumpingbeans

Lakeland Julienne Peeler

Price: Â£3.49, Lakeland

MNers say: "I bought a julienne peeler from Lakeland and it works very well." DoloresLandingham

"I bought one from Lakeland. It's not a proper spiralizer, but a peeler that cuts into very thin strips as well so you get the same effect. It doesn't take up any cupboard space and it's only about £3." MadauntofA

"A julienne vegetable peeler is such fun!" owlonabike

Liz Earle No.15

Price: Â£49, Liz Earle UK

MNers say: "Liz Earle No. 15 - all the kids at school comment on mine. It's like a musky, clean scent; masculine but not smelling of Lynx." MaryBerrysEyelashes

"Yes to Liz Earle No. 15! I love it - I wish she'd bring out a body lotion too." ggirl

"I love it and have got lots of compliments." stripytees

8 July

Hammam towels

Price: from Â£20.93, Amazon

What's to love: They're somewhere between a towel, a blanket and a sarong, and can be used as all three. 

MNers say: "I use them on holiday instead of beach towels. They really free up space and they dry quickly." uggmum

"I bought one after reading about them on Mumsnet, and it's brilliant. Huge, folds up tiny, and dries quickly." CMOTDibbler

"I love them, and have just bought some more as our normal house towels never dry in the summer. I love them for camping as well!" Monkey533

Vango tents

Price: from £33.67, Go Outdoors

What's to love: The Vango range has everything from budget one-man tents to roomy, hardwearing family affairs. MNers wouldn't be seen on a campsite with anything else.

MNers say: "We have a Vango. Very easy to put up!" youngestisapsycho

"We're well impressed with ours. We camped in the winds at the tail of the hurricane last year, and it stood up very well with no damage. Pretty easy to put up with two people - and we have a six-person tent." ThatBloodyWoman 

"I have a Vango Icarus, and we love it. We invested in a carpet which makes it so cosy." puffylovett

Contigo travel mug

Price: from £11.95, Amazon

What's to love: Holds enough tea to last the whole day, and won't let you down with leakages.

MNers say: "My Contigo travel mug fits two small mugs worth in and keeps them piping hot. It doesn't leak either." NannyR

"Contigo travel mugs are amazing. The best mum present I received." FlossieTreadlight

"I love mine, it keeps things hot for ages and is leak-proof even when you turn it upside down." NakedFamilyFightClub

1 July

PitRok Crystal natural spray deodorant

Price: £4.39, Waitrose

What's to love: Free of alcohol, parabens and countless other chemicals, PitRok won't block your pores, and is also vegan-friendly.

MNers say: "I have been using PitRok for the last couple of months and I'm very pleased with it." cazza40

"PitRok is very good." leastsaidsoonestmended

"I used to use PitRok, and it's very good indeed." OneMoreGo

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum

Price: £22.50, LookFantastic

What's to love: This gentle serum will hydrate skin without clogging pores, so you can moisturise without worrying about being greasy.

MNers say: "Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum is absolutely lovely to use and extremely hydrating. It makes my dry skin feel so comfortable."

"It's really good and doesn't clog pores."Lovewearingjeans

"The game changer for me has been Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum." BumbleNove

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

Price: Â£20.80, LookFantastic

What's to love: The combined magic of BB and CC cream formulas mean you get superior, even coverage with no danger of it looking 'caked on'.

MNers say: "I'm almost 50, and I use Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. Absolutely lovely texture, and you can vary coverage without any clogging. It's really glowy and forgiving." noddyholder

"Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue is amazing. Seriously, I love it and have been wearing it every day." NomiMalone

"Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue is pretty good. It sells itself as a BB + CC cream and comes in a good range of shades. I've been really pleased with it!" Pipkinhartley

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