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Best LED masks: light therapy to step up your skincare routine

Skin looking a little tired and dull this winter? Find the perfect LED face mask to give your skin a boost from within.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Dec 23, 2021

Woman using LED face mask

LED facials have been a beauty therapist staple for a while, dangling the carrot of fresher, healthier skin that is smooth and blemish-free. But not everyone has the desire - or budget - to take advantage of a scheduled course of LED light therapy offered by a highly skilled clinician. 

There is an easier (and sometimes cheaper) method, a way to have all the benefits of anti-ageing LED light therapy at home. DIY masks can be used to achieve salon-quality results, all from the comfort of your own home. 

We’ve scoured the Mumsnet forums and researched customer reviews to compile a list of the best at home LED face masks that offer great results, as proven by real-life testers. We’ve also looked into how to find exactly the right mask for your individual skin concerns, paving your way to a healthier, fresher face in minutes.

Here are the best LED face masks to buy in 2021.

1. Best overall LED face mask: Project E Beauty Mask

Project E face mask

Price: £104.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“I have bought [this] photon mask and WOW! I have used it now three times and there is a real difference. The horrible, dry, spotty patch on the side of my nose that has been there for weeks and weeks is dramatically smaller and healing at last. My skin feels smoother and softer and just generally looks better.” - Crusoe

“I ordered the Project E one, because I am a sheep, and WOW! Used it three nights running, 20mins red and five mins blue and my face is TRANSFORMED. It's like my skin has been resurfaced - almost looks like it's wrapped in cellophane.” - JMAngel1

Project E claims that their face mask provides a spa-like treatment at home, thanks to its relaxing seven colour LED sessions that plump, smooth and clear your skin.

Mumsnet users agree and love the transformative effects of a few sessions with this mask. We were spoiled for choice with positive quotes on the forums for the product, which is easily the best LED photon therapy at a relatively affordable price.

With 150 LED lights, five levels of intensity and a choice of light settings tailored to treat a variety of problems, this is a mask that will work for many different skin concerns. You do have to have it plugged in to work so it's not the most flexible to use if you prefer a wireless gadget, but we liked that you could sit back and enjoy a break while you're using it.

Key specs

  • Mask type: Rigid
  • Target areas: Full face
  • Light modes: Seven
  • Skin concerns: Acne, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, lack of collagen
  • Session duration: 10-15 minutes
  • Included accessories: 1 x remote control, 1 x USB cable, 1 x power cable, 1 instruction manual
  • Wireless: No

2. Best budget LED face mask: Hangsun Light Therapy Mask

Hangsun LED face mask

Price: £49.99 | Buy now from Amazon

At a snip of the price of most home LED masks is this pull-down mask from Hangsun, the look of which admittedly reminds us of a welder’s mask. It may not be the most glamorous of masks out there, but it is lightweight and has built-in eye protection for those with sensitive peepers.

The mask emits red and blue light, and also orange, which is designed to brighten up dull skin and most reviewers raved about its beneficial effects on acne.  We also loved that you can charge it with a power bank too, allowing you to go about your daily tasks with ease.

A few did report that its effects weren't as powerful as they'd hoped, but overall users loved this mask, particularly given its low price point.

Key specs 

  • Mask type: Rigid
  • Target areas: Full face
  • Light modes: Red, blue, orange
  • Skin concerns: Acne, dull skin
  • Session duration: 10 mins of each colour
  • Included accessories: USB cable, power cord, goggles (built-in)
  • Wireless: Yes with power bank

3. Best LED face mask for acne: Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro

Dr Dennis face mask

Price: £430 | Buy now from LookFantastic

“I've been using the Dr Dennis Gross mask for around six weeks now. I use it every night after double cleansing and it's made a huge difference. Couldn't recommend it enough. I use it on the red and blue mixed light always as I used to suffer from breakouts until I used this so I don't want to stop using it now.” - Louisethedisease 

If the last mask was a basic model, this Dr Dennis Gross mask is anything but. It comes in a stylish rose gold and white colour and is sculptured to fit the contours of your face.

Looks aside, the mask is great for those who have little precious time spare. It’s not a cheap option, but in just three minutes a day you can target fine lines, wrinkles and acne thanks to the red, blue and red-blue mixed settings.

Reviewers loved its powerful effects, with one calling it the "best anti-ageing product ever". High praise, indeed.

Key specs 

  • Mask type: Rigid
  • Target areas: Full face
  • Light modes: Red, blue, red-blue mixed
  • Skin concerns: Fine lines and wrinkles, discolouration, acne
  • Session duration: Three minutes
  • Included accessories: Universal USB lead, detachable head strap, storage bag, user manual, quick start guide
  • Wireless: No

4. Best LED mask for brightening skin: CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

Current Body face mask

Price: £279 | Buy now from Amazon

“I use the Current Body LED Mask nightly after my cleanse before and skincare. My skin is more radiant and looks less tired." - MrsKingfisher 

When it comes to skin brightening, this mask came out on top for Mumsnet users. It features near infra-red light, which is said to benefit skin abrasions, circulatory issues and, of course, brighten your skin too. Using Omnilux technology, the mask also works to firm up skin, giving you that salon-worthy glow.

Handily, the mask is wireless, coming with its own power cable and charging plug so you can get your 10 minutes in without restrictions. Reviewers loved its ease of use too and the speedy effect it has on improving skin.

Key specs

  • Mask type: Flexible
  • Target areas: Full face
  • Light modes: Red light, near infra-red
  • Skin concerns: Circulation issues, discolouration, ageing skin, skin abrasions 
  • Session duration: 10 minutes
  • Included accessories: Power cable, charging plug, user manual
  • Wireless: Yes

5. Best LED mask for targeted treatment: LUSTRE ClearSkin Solo

Lustre LED face mask

Price: £49.99  | Buy now from Amazon

“I’ve decided to order DS a LUSTRE ClearSkin Solo. Seems to have good reviews and can get on with other stuff whilst it is on, unlike the mask. Not too expensive either.” - Stoichio 

While it’s not technically a full face mask, the ClearSkin Solo focuses on specific spots by directing bacteria-zapping blue light directly onto them. If you’re wanting to only target specific areas rather than the whole face it’s a great buy, and you can also get a three-pack if you’re focusing on more than one area.

The ClearSkin Solo attaches to the skin using a sticky pad. Taking 20 minutes per session, it’s not the quickest LED device, but it is one of the best acne light therapy devices to use if your freedom while using is important. Just stick to the face, and get on with your tasks.

Key specs

  • Mask type: Handheld device
  • Target areas: Anywhere you want to target on your face
  • Light modes: Blue light
  • Skin concerns: Acne
  • Session duration: 20 mins per treatment area
  • Included accessories: Charging cable, sticky pads
  • Wireless: Yes

6. Best LED eye mask: Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Spectralite Eyecare Pro

Dr Dennis Gross eye mask

Price: £175 | Buy now from Cult Beauty

If your eye area is beginning to show signs of age, Dr Dennis Gross Skincare claims to have the solution. Their rigid eye glasses use a combination of red and amber LEDs to diminish lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet and even crepiness in three minute sessions. It’s like a brow-lift in a device.

Some reviewers do report that the battery life is not great however, so you will need to charge it quite often, but we found this to be a hardworking mask if you're wanting to focus on treating the eye area. 

Key specs

  • Mask type: Rigid glasses
  • Target areas: Eyes
  • Light modes: Red, amber
  • Skin concerns: Lines and wrinkles, ageing signs
  • Session duration: Three minutes
  • Included accessories: USB charging cord, adjustable head strap, storage bag, user manual
  • Wireless: Yes

7. Best LED collagen mask: Rio FaceLITE Beauty Boosting LED Face Mask

Rio LED face mask

Price: £349 | Buy now from Amazon

If the thought of a rigid face mask fills you with dread, Rio has a solution - a flexible silicone mask that targets the full face using red and near-infrared light. The mask comes with a USB charger, allowing you to move freely without wires, and features a funky geometric design so you don’t scare the kids.

The mask is said to increase collagen production, an essential supportive structure that gives our skin elasticity and strength. As we age, collagen production decreases, causing lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. By targeting these collagen proteins directly, the mask aims to plump the skin, returning its youthful appearance.

Key specs

  • Mask type: Flexible silicone mask
  • Target areas: Full face
  • Light modes: Red light, near-infrared light
  • Skin concerns: Dull skin, fine wrinkles, pigmentation
  • Session duration: 10 minutes
  • Included accessories: USB charger
  • Wireless: Yes

8. Best LED face mask for discolouration: No7 Age Defying LED Mask

No 7 face mask

Price: £149.95 | Buy now from Boots

The best LED face mask Boots have to offer is similar in design to the Rio mask, even having its own geometric design. But while the previous mask is more concerned with fine lines, this mask topped reviews because of its great price and work against discolouration.

Using red and near infra-red lights, this mask is also effective at reducing the signs of ageing, thanks to the way it smooths fine lines and enhances plumpness. A few reviewers did struggle to charge the mask with the cable provided, but one commented that turning the wire around helped, a handy tip for when you’re using it.

Key specs

  • Mask type: Flexible silicone
  • Target areas: Full face
  • Light modes: Red, near-infrared
  • Skin concerns: Lines and wrinkles, dull skin
  • Session duration: 10 minutes
  • Included accessories: Securing strap, power cable, rechargeable handset 
  • Wireless: Yes

9. Best LED mask for wrinkles: MZ Skin Light Therapy Mask

MZ Skin LED mask

Price: £385 | Buy now from MZ Skin

The MZ Skin Light Therapy Mask is famous on social media thanks to its gorgeous gold tone, but the 150 diode LED lights ensure that it also keeps your skin in photo-ready condition all-year round.

Like many of the other masks on this list, you’ll find red and blue light, but it also has a green setting that calms skin irritation and treats broken capillaries, yellow light to boost circulation and white light to promote cell renewal. It’s not wireless, but we think this is a small price to pay for so many skin benefits, including impressive anti-ageing effects that are aimed at increasing collagen production to plump the skin from within.

Key specs

  • Mask type: Rigid
  • Target areas: Full face
  • Light modes: Red, blue, green, yellow, white
  • Skin concerns: Inflammation, sun damage, pigmentation, acne, wrinkles
  • Session duration: 30 minutes
  • Included accessories: Adjustable strap, power cable, power control with remote
  • Wireless: No

10. Best LED mask for chest and neck: CurrentBody Skin LED Neck and Dec Perfector

Current Body neck mask

Price: £250 | Buy now from Current Body

They say that when we age, our neck is one of the first areas to show signs so it’s no surprise that this crepe and fine line buster from Current Body is a popular solution.

Made from flexible silicone, this LED light therapy device treats the neck and décolletage with red and near infra-red lights in just 10 minutes. One reviewer did find the collar too stiff and not entirely comfortable, but overall users found the effects worth it, with reports of softer skin and fast results.

Key specs

  • Mask type: Flexible silicone
  • Target areas: Neck and décolletage
  • Light modes: Red, near-infrared
  • Skin concerns: Crepiness, discolouration, fine lines
  • Session duration: 10 minutes
  • Included accessories: Controller, USB cable, charging plug, 2 x velcro straps (one long, one short), user manual.
  • Wireless: Yes

11. Best LED mask for clinic standard results: Deesse Pro Professional LED Mask Next Generation

Deesse face mask

Price: £1,680 | Buy now from Cult Beauty

If you have a bigger budget for your LED mask needs, you can’t do better than the Deesse phototherapy mask which gives results that rival even the best professional LED face mask.

The mask uses an impressive 770 medical-grade LEDs (three-times higher than their nearest at-home competitor), which can be used in one of six 10-30 minute settings, including ‘Anti-Ageing Mode’ and ‘Purifying Mode.’ If you're new to the world of skincare light therapy, you would be best going for something more affordable, but if you're serious about upping your skincare routine this snazzy mask has got everything you need to soothe irritation, reduce acne and slow down the ageing process.

Key specs

  • Mask type: Rigid
  • Target areas: Full face
  • Light modes: Red, blue, green, near-infrared
  • Skin concerns: Ageing, acne, skin discolouration, inflammation
  • Session duration: 10-30 minutes depending on chosen setting
  • Included accessories: Protective eyewear, power cord, control box, user manual
  • Wireless: No

12. Best portable LED face mask: Sensse Professional LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

Sensse face mask

Price: £99.99 | Buy now from Argos

The flexible silicone Sensse mask comes in a soothing pink tone and has adjustable straps to tighten it to fit. You can choose from four different light colour options - red, blue, yellow and purple, each offering different solutions for skin problems.

Session times are a swift 10 minutes, but don’t worry if you can’t sit around that long, it has a wireless setting so you can get your chores done while fighting skin imperfections and can be used via remote control.

Reviewers also commented on the clear skin and impressive results they got for a relatively small price compared to other masks.

Key specs

  • Mask type: Flexible silicone
  • Target areas: Full face
  • Light modes: Red, blue, yellow, purple
  • Skin concerns: Fine lines, skin imperfections, tightening
  • Session duration: 10 minutes
  • Included accessories: Adjustable straps, USB wire, remote charger  
  • Wireless: Yes

What to look for in an LED face mask

An LED face mask can be an expensive purchase. To make sure you choose the right one for you, consider these factors:

  • Budget: LED masks don't come cheap, and they can range from models under £100 to more high-tech options that sell for thousands. If it's your first LED mask, we'd recommend going for something cheaper to make sure it's right for you and your skin concerns before investing in an expensive mask.
  • Ease-of-use: Does your LED face mask have lots of buttons to set up your desired program? The simpler a device is, the more likely you are to stick with it, giving you the best chance of achieving desirable results. 
  • Flexible or rigid?: LED face masks come in flexible and rigid designs. While the latter is suitable for most, for those who travel regularly, its rigidity will mean it takes up more space. A flexible mask can be rolled up to fit into a small hand luggage bag, and will not scuff or scratch if the bag is handled roughly.
  • Power supply: Some LED face masks need to be connected to an electrical socket when in use. If you need a mask that’s flexible enough to wear while you do the ironing, relax on your bed or make tea for the kids, you’ll need a wireless mask. These have a battery pack that can be recharged before use, leaving your hands free to do whatever you need to do while your skin gets a much-needed boost.
  • LED light wave spectrum: Light waves penetrate the skin at different depths, with red light therapy providing the best results at between 600 nm-700 nm, blue at 402 nm-420 nm and near-red at 750 nm and above. At-home masks with higher nanometer readings are more effective than those with lower figures. As a guide, the most powerful beautician led LED phototherapy device is the Dermalux Tri-Wave MD, which administers red light at 633 nm, blue at 415 nm and near-red at 850 nm. 

How do LED face masks work?

An LED face mask has several LEDs fitted to it. The more LEDs, the more potent a light up face mask for skin is. The best home LED masks will have almost as many LEDs as the best pro LED mask, offering similar results for a fraction of the price.

When an LED emits light, each colour penetrates the skin at a different frequency targeting a specific skin concern. Some colours are designed to treat acne, others are better for collagen production and wound healing. 

What does an LED mask do for your face?

LED masks are celebrated for their skin-tightening qualities, their ability to blast acne causing bacteria and their improvement in the lymphatic and collagen systems of the face. 

How often should LED masks be used?

LED masks should always be used as recommended, which means following the instruction manual that comes with your LED device to ensure you are not stressing your skin. Most LED masks state that you should use them for no more than 10 minutes a day, three to four times a week. The Deesse mask is recommended to be used a couple of times a week initially, with a once-weekly maintenance dose weekly for best results.  

Are LED masks safe to use? 

On the whole, LED masks are safe to use, but there are some people who should remain cautious about their use. LED masks are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, for those who have broken facial skin or people who have had a light sensitive eye or skin reaction previously. If you're unsure, it's best to seek medical advice first. 

What colour LED do I need?

The best wavelength for an LED mask depends on your individual needs. 

  • Blue light: reduces activity in the sebaceous glands and reduces bacteria which can cause skin disruptions. 
  • Red light: thought to improve signs of ageing and scarring by penetrating the skin cells.
  • Purple light: used for cell renewal.
  • Green light: said to treat discolouration on the skin.
  • Orange light: rejuvenates tired skin.
  • Yellow light: targets skin puffiness and redness, reducing the effects of rosacea, sunburn and inflammation.
  • Infra-red: penetrates deeper than the other light surfaces to amplify lifting results.

What is the best LED facial light therapy mask?

The best LED facial light therapy mask is the Project E Beauty Mask, which boasts an impressive 150 LEDs and seven light modes treating everything from acne to skin discolouration and lifting. Members of our Mumsnet forum were impressed with the results and the confidence boost this nifty mask gave them. For a price tag of just over £100, it provides the best value for money, too.

How we chose our recommendations

At Mumsnet we consider ourselves trusted experts. We know that there’s nothing like getting real-life recommendations from customers that have used the products you’re reading about, that’s why we headed to the Mumsnet forum to find out which LED face masks our Mumsnet users recommend. 

Other masks that have made their way onto this list have been carefully selected from expert recommendations, from masks that have won awards for their innovation or quality, and those that scored well in reviews from reputable sites that we can trust. 

Once we’ve compiled a suitable list of products, we provide all the information a Mumsnet user may want, from technical information to why each particular face mask provides good value for money for our readers.

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