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Best jade and facial rollers

Whether you’re feeling fatigued from a heatwave, a hangover, sleepless nights or stress, a facial roller will soon have your skin looking bright and depuffed. 

By Louise Cole | Last updated Sep 9, 2021

Woman rolling jade roller on her face.

Let’s be honest: parenting does little to help the ageing process and looking fatigued is often par for the course. Yet while the sight of sagging jowls and unwelcome wrinkles leave some tired-out parents contemplating surgery or chemical treatments, others lacking the funds or inclination to resort to such drastic measures are instead placing their faith in the low-tech jade roller.

This age-old skincare tool – used in China for centuries to keep skin youthful – is enjoying a modern-day resurgence, with beauty bloggers the world over raving about its ability to reduce puffiness, massage the skin and brighten the complexion. We like to think of it as yoga for your face.

Suitable for all skin types, this revitalising gadget can’t work magic, but it can certainly perform a deep facial massage and cool the skin. Users also claim jade rollers promote lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, improve skin elasticity, relieve stuffy sinuses, boost blood flow and brighten the complexion, among other benefits.

Traditionally made from solid jade stone, facial rollers also come in versions composed of other semi-precious stones, such as rose quartz and amethyst, each targeting a particular skin concern.

Here are the best jade rollers to buy right now as recommended by Mumsnetters.

1. Best overall jade roller: Lumity Jade Facial Roller

lumity jade roller

Price: £25 | Buy now from John Lewis & Partners

“I love jade and rose quartz tools. I use one of them every day – I think the jade roller is my favourite as it’s so cooling.”

“My mum gave me a jade roller and I wondered what on earth rolling a bit of stone on my face would do. Surprisingly, I absolutely adore it and the way my face feels after a good old rolling sesh is quite addictive! I'm sold.”

If you’re new to facial rollers and feeling overwhelmed by the choice available, opt for this one from Lumity. The jade of which it’s comprised has natural cooling properties and, if you put the roller in the fridge for a few hours prior to using it, it’ll not only leave you looking less tired, but it’ll feel ultra-delightful on your skin too.

A fab addition to your beauty toolkit, this dual-ended jade roller will look the part on your dressing table and is also up to the job, capable of playing its part in your morning or bedtime routine.

Ideal for the novice and simple to use, it promises to brighten and tighten skin. 

2. Best budget jade roller: EcoTools Jade Roller

ecotools jade roller

Price: £8.45 | Buy now from Amazon

“A friend uses a jade face roller – they're around £10 on Amazon – and she swears by it. I don't think you have to spend loads on skincare to look good.”

This inexpensive jade roller is sure to have enhanced relaxing effects as you can use it in the knowledge that the dent in your wallet is minimal, as is the cost to the planet. Vegan-friendly and packaged using recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials, this is a great buy for the eco-conscious, as well as those on a budget.

While it may not last as long as pricier alternatives, it nevertheless invigorates the skin and reduces inflammation.

For those who are dubious about the effectiveness of jade rollers, this offering acts as a low-risk investment. 

3. Best luxury facial roller: Susanne Kaufmann Obsidian Facial Roller

susanne kaufmann facial roller

Price: £230 | Buy now from Liberty

“Obsidian is amazing – in fact not a crystal at all, but a naturally occurring glass.”

Who’d have imagined that rapidly-cooled lava from an Italian volcano would one day end up being used to rejuvenate people’s faces? Yet this detoxifying facial roller is made from black obsidian, a form of molten rock that’s believed to have healing properties.

In addition to physical effects such as relieving muscle inflammation, strengthening connective tissue and aiding vitamin C and D absorption, obsidian is said to enhance the flow of life energy.

Made from carved nut wood and sturdy steel, you’ll need deep pockets to buy this quality facial roller. And while it features only one stone, it’s certainly a stylish travel companion thanks to its chic leather pouch. 

4. Best facial roller for calming and soothing: The White Company Rose Quartz Facial Roller

the white company facial roller

Price: £30 | Buy now from The White Company

“I have a rose quartz one. It’s relaxing to do and gives skin a slightly glowy look after.”

“Out of the fridge it is absolute bliss! Lovely and soothing on the face.”

Generally associated with all things love-related, rose quartz is renowned for its calming properties in a face roller setting. Smoother than jade and capable of maintaining a cool temperature for longer, it’s ideal for those with sensitive skin.

This double-ended facial roller will release impurities in the skin, draining negative thoughts and emotions in the process – and because it’s from The White Company, it predictably comes beautifully packaged.

As with all natural stones, the markings and colours vary, but this mid-range roller is consistent in its relaxing effects when part of your daily skincare ritual. 

5. Best jade roller for reducing puffiness: Revolution White Jade Facial Roller

revolution jade roller

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

“The one I'm looking at has quite good reviews – Revolution is the make.” 

“I’ve used mine for years once or twice a week, after reading Kate Moss used one. I should really use it more, as it definitely reduces puffiness.”

Although all types of jade roller are designed to depuff the skin to a point, jade of the white variety is arguably the stone that’s most fit for purpose.

This white jade roller from Revolution has received rave reviews from satisfied customers pleased with its overall results and ability to reduce facial puffiness.

With a realistic price tag and rose gold metal detailing that gives it an elegant look, its only real downside is that its handle is synthetic – a small price to pay, however, for such an affordable and applauded product. 

6. Best facial roller for fine lines: Skin Gym Blue Sodalite Facial Roller

skin gym facial roller

Price: £38.50 | Buy now from Liberty

“My skin looks a little smoother/glowier when I use a facial roller with a nice serum.”

When wrinkles are your number-one concern, a facial roller can help to soften and diminish the appearance of fine lines – temporarily, at least.

Try this one from Skin Gym, which is made from balancing blue sodalite, a harmony-inducing gemstone that’s thought to restore peace and tranquillity, release facial tension, hydrate and boost skin’s overall health.

This royal blue alternative to the traditional green jade roller is a great choice if you want skin that appears smoother and a more youthful complexion after using it. 

7. Best jade roller and gua sha set: Zen + Origin Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set

zen origin facial roller

Price: £10 | Buy now from Amazon

“I use facial oil and a jade gua sha stone. It sounds like another gimmicky fad, but it’s great! It works.”

“I use my gua sha every morning on my jawline and under my eyes, then I use my jade roller on my forehead – it’s so pleasurable to rub out tense muscles.”

Sister to the jade roller is the gua sha – a tool with similar benefits, but in a different form. This flat stone allows for a deeper facial massage, stimulating blood flow and improving circulation.

With ‘gua’ meaning ‘scrape’ in Chinese, it’ll come as no surprise that it’s meant to be pulled across the skin – upward and outward on the face – and can actually be used on the whole body. While it may be a little painful to begin with, practise makes perfect and some Mumsnetters have even bought two so they can massage both sides of their face at once.

Gua sha is certainly easier to clean than its jade roller counterpart and with this low-cost set, there’s no having to choose between the two. 

8. Best facial roller for destressing: Scilla Rose Amethyst Facial Roller

scilla rose facial roller

Price: £23.95 | Buy now from Amazon

“It’s wildly relaxing! I do 10 minutes before bed and it really helps me relax after stressful days.”

“I use an amethyst roller and am in no way into crystals or anything like that, but when I remember to use it I’m left looking dewy and younger.”

Amethyst is known for its destressing qualities, so there’s no better choice of facial roller if you’re feeling the strain. Soothing tension, calming inflamed skin and reducing impurities, this variation is particularly advantageous for those suffering from acne.

This squeak-free offering from Scilla Rose has hundreds of adoring fans, impressed by its quality and capacity to relax and reduce anxiety.

Supplied with a velvet pouch, gift box and instruction card, it would make a gorgeous gift and even comes with a small amethyst nugget as a keepsake. 

9. Best mini facial roller: Psychic Sisters Rose Quartz Mini Facial Roller

psychic sisters facial roller

Price: £19.99 | Buy now from Skinnydip London

“I got a rose quartz one as a gift. I keep it in the fridge and have a quick cooling face roll when I am rummaging around for things at mealtimes. It feels very nice.”

“I’ve got a rose quartz one, which is lovely. I use it every day.”

Feeling cool on a night out is no sweat with this super-cute rose quartz facial roller, whose diminutive size is perfect for popping in your handbag and taking with you wherever you go.

Reducing redness and giving your skin a quick boost, this tiny tool makes a big-time beauty buddy that you won’t want to be without.

But it’s not only when you’re out and about that it comes to the fore (or should we say forehead?) – use it to give yourself a mini at-home facial too. 

10. Best jade roller for the morning after: Nomel Jade Quartz Roller

nomel jade roller

Price: £46 | Buy now from Harrods

“I have a jade roller, which feels lovely but doesn’t have a long-term effect on the skin. Does help wake up tired (wine) eyes, though.”

“They’re actually great for headaches. Pop in the fridge, then roll over your temples.”

“Rolling it over your face and forehead when you’re hungover and feeling sorry for yourself is lovely!”

One benefit of a jade roller that countless Mumsnetters agree on is its ability to aid recovery the morning after one too many the night before. Although not designed with late-night after-effects in mind, there seems little doubt that sore heads and dark under-eye circles everywhere are being relieved by these cool tools.

Nomel’s jade quartz roller is exclusive to Harrods and will help rehydrate your skin by enabling products to be better absorbed, helping you to look wide awake at daybreak before you can say tequila sunrise.

Although the price might not do much for your pounding head, the results will make it worth every penny. 

11. Best vibrating facial roller: Angela Caglia Vibrating Rose Quartz Sculpting Roller

angela caglia facial roller

Price: £154 | Buy now from Net-A-Porter

“I need a facial massage. I’ve started investigating one of those vibrating facial rollers.”

For an intense workout for your face, look to this vibrating rose quartz sculpting roller from Angela Caglia, a California-based celebrity facialist whose clients include Helena Christensen – is there any better advert?

Boasting more than 6,000 sonic vibrations per minute, this product amplifies the usual benefits of traditional jade rollers, leaving your skin feeling more toned, lifted, sculpted and refreshed.  

For the best results, Caglia recommends using it for 10-minute sessions once or twice a day, though sadly there are no guarantees that you’ll end up looking like a supermodel. 

12. Best facial roller for glowing skin: Inc.Redible Glow Your Own Way Hydrating Rose Quartz Facial Roller

inc.redible facial roller

Price: £20 | Buy now from Amazon

For a glow on the go, try this handbag-friendly chubby stick from Inc.Redible. It features a rose quartz rollerball that dispenses a non-greasy formula to hydrate skin and leave it with a sun-kissed, glossy look.

The perfect first stage in your beauty routine, use under makeup to cool and depuff as you roll to produce a sheer finish.

We love the convenience of this all-in-one product – there’s no need to find oils, serums or creams to use with it – plus it smells amazing too. 

Do jade rollers actually work?

Crystals. We’ve gone from wearing them to meditating with them – and now we’re rubbing them across our faces, paint-roller style. But do jade rollers live up to the hype?

Whether or not they work is open to debate – many Mumsnetters wouldn’t be without theirs, using them every day, while others fail to reap the benefits. Those who see results do so only temporarily, so anyone expecting a long-term fix is likely to be disappointed.

That said, those who use their jade roller regularly report noticeable skin improvements and the hordes of devoted Instagram influencers and beauty gurus can’t all be wrong.  

It’s essentially all about the boost in blood circulation and anything that makes you appear more youthful – however briefly – without the need for a scalpel surely has to be worth a shot, especially when it costs as little as a few pounds.

If nothing else, using a facial roller is a pleasant sensation, a fun way to apply skincare products and makes you feel like you’re making a positive difference to your face.

Is a rose quartz or jade roller better?

Both jade and rose quartz face rollers offer similar benefits, with the former the better choice for contouring and lifting, while the latter is ideal for calming and soothing skin. Rose quartz stays cooler for longer and is a smoother stone that’s more hardwearing than jade, which warms up quicker when in contact with skin but has a texture that’s more suitable for helping with lymphatic drainage.

Choosing between them – or another gemstone altogether – will ultimately come down to your skin type and colour preference.

What’s the best way to use a jade face roller?

The most important thing to remember when using a jade roller is to work upwards and outwards, the idea being to roll against the direction of gravity to lift the skin.

Go for slow, sweeping strokes – rather than a rubbing motion – using light, gentle pressure, starting at the inner part of the face and working outwards towards the hairline.

If your jade roller is double-ended, the larger stone can be used for the cheeks, chin, forehead, jaw and neck, while the smaller roller is ideal for the delicate under-eye area and around the nose and mouth.

While jade rollers can be used on their own, the effects are enhanced by using your favourite serum, moisturiser or oil, which should be applied all over the face before you start rolling.

For the ultra-chilled-out and depuffing experience, pop your jade roller in the fridge at least half an hour before using.

There are plenty of how-to videos on YouTube if you feel that you need a visual tutorial – and always ensure that your skin is clean before using a jade roller to prevent dirt or makeup being pressed further into it.   

How do I choose a jade roller?

Firstly, consider what you want your jade roller to do. All are designed to massage, cool and depuff the skin – among other benefits – but certain stones are said to be more adept at achieving particular results than others. Amethyst is great for relieving tension, for example, so it’s worth working out which variant best suits you before buying.

Whether or not you opt for a dual-ended type is personal preference, but they are useful if you want a smaller stone for trickier areas.

What’s the best way to clean a jade roller? 

At the very least, you should carefully wipe down your facial roller with a damp cloth after each use to prevent product build-up. A deeper clean – using a gentle soap and warm water – is preferable, however, and should be done at least once a week to kill any bacteria. Pat the jade roller dry with a soft towel, but never soak it or use piping-hot water.

What is the best jade roller in the UK?

Lumity’s Jade Facial Roller is the best jade roller in the UK. This mid-range product is an example of the tool in its traditional form and is super-cooling, simple to use and sturdy. Plus, it won’t break the bank.

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