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Best skincare and facial tools for sculpting and soothing your skin

Whether it’s dark circles, sagging skin or puffiness that you want to tackle, regular visits to the beauty salon can be costly and time-consuming. These tools are designed to get you professional results in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the long-term cost. 

By Jessica Carter | Last updated Feb 7, 2022

smiling woman touching face

To take the best care of our skin, we all know that we should be drinking plenty of water and eating a colourful, balanced diet, full of vegetables and healthy fats, not to mention steering clear of sugar and alcohol. 

But let’s be honest – that can be a tall order for even the most health-conscious of us, never mind sleep-deprived parents. 

Even if we do manage to stick rigidly to those skincare commandments, everything from a lack of sleep to the weather and even our DNA can throw spanners in the works when it comes to our skin, and leave us looking less than fresh-faced on the daily. 

The world of facial tools is where many of us, including Mumsnet parents, turn to give our skin a boost and keep us looking bright and youthful on days we feel anything but. 

From cooling rollers to electric toners and hand-held massagers, here are our favourite facial tools for 2021 - as tried and tested by Mumsnetters.

1. Best overall facial tool: Foreo Luna 3

foreo luna 3

Price: £169 | Buy now from Amazon

“I’ve got one and have been using it for a year. I look younger now than I did then.” C0rdelia

“I have one. My skin is looking really good since using it.” Hahameow

“I have one - my skin’s never looked better.” Poonmig

There’s a lot of love for the Foreo tools on the Mumsnet forums. The Luna is used with a cleanser to remove up to 99.5 percent of dirt and impurities, as well as unclog pores and buff away dead cells. This all helps your skincare products to work more effectively and really penetrate the skin.  

This hygienic silicone tool pulsates (there are different intensities to choose from, which you can control via an app), and the varying brush head textures make it really versatile, meaning it works for all skin types. 

While cleansing with the Luna, your face also gets a massage that helps to stimulate blood flow and firm up your skin.


  • Suitable for all skin types 
  • Long charge life 
  • Easy to control via app


  • Expensive
  • Need to invest in good cleanser to use it with

2. Best budget facial tool: cinsey Gua Sha Massage Tool

gua sha tool

Price: £5.19 | Buy now from Amazon

“If done correctly it will literally smooth out puffiness! Look on YouTube for gua sha massage techniques” TryingnottobeWaynettaSlob

“I use the gua sha on my jaw. I scrape the wibbly edge from front chin to ear twice, both sides. I do this a few times a week. It seems to make my jawline more defined.” oldpaint

For little over a fiver, you might not expect much from this pretty-looking flat, smooth stone – but Mumsnetters can’t get enough. 

Use this tool for massaging oils and serums into your face – it’ll help them penetrate more deeply as well as encourage blood flow and collagen production, not to mention have you feeling fully relaxed. 

It’s a good idea to have a search online for different ways to use this nifty little stone depending on the parts of your face or issues you’re targeting as gua sha can take some time to master. 


  • Can be used all over your body, not just on your face
  • Easy to clean
  • Very affordable


  • Results can vary 
  • Best used with additional skincare like serums

3. Best facial toning device: NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device

nuface facial toning device

Price: £144.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“I think the NuFace is best.” TheBullfinch

What if we told you that just five minutes a day with this little device is all it takes to get visibly younger, firmer skin? 

Sure, it’s not the cheapest tool on our list, but if you’re a regular visitor to the beauty salon for facials, you’ll more than make your money back by taking your skincare into your own hands with NuFace. 

A small and compact tool that’s designed to mimic the effects of a facelift, this facial toning device is a non-invasive (and far more affordable) alternative to going under the knife, so long as you use it regularly. Just swipe it over your face and neck to help tone, refresh and firm up your skin.  


  • Promises to make a noticeable difference to skin after just a couple of weeks
  • Easy to use
  • Small and compact – great for travelling


  • Price 
  • Requires regular, consistent use

4. Best microneedle roller: RoselynBoutique Derma Roller

derma roller

Price: £7.95 | Buy now from Amazon

“There are no marks – you shouldn't see any punctures at all. Face may be a little pink afterwards but I quite like that as the pinkiness and mild swelling gives a fresh youthful look.” JMAngel1

Derma rollers are facial rollers that are covered in lots of tiny microneedles. But don’t let that put you off – we promise they’re far less intimidating than the needles cosmetic surgeons wield in hospital theatres.

The idea behind these tools is that the tiny spikes – which are made of surgical-quality steel – create countless little punctures (stay with us) to stimulate positive activity like collagen production to improve skin’s overall appearance. 

To use, just gently roll it over your face a couple of times a week – it’s completely manual, so you have full control of the pressure. It shouldn’t hurt at all, but will probably leave your skin feeling a bit tingly. 


  • Totally manual so no need to charge 
  • Affordable


  • Not the best option for sensitive skin
  • Takes a while to get used to the sensation 
  • Needs regular and thorough cleaning

5. Best facial contouring tool: Sarah Chapman Skinesis The Facialift

sarah chapman facialift

Price: £3o | Buy now from Lookfantastic

“If you persevere and are gentle you can introduce it and build up to a regular daily routine. I also use it on my neck and forehead.” Branster

Skin looking tired, no matter what cleansers and moisturisers you slather on? This massager might be what you’re after. 

Yes, it’s a funny-looking contraption, but the design is based on the tried and tested treatments that skincare guru Sarah Chapman uses at her clinic. The massaging nodules help stimulate toxin drainage and unclog pores of impurities and old cells, while toning and contouring the face. 

Commit to regular use and you should see your skin begin to brighten and become more radiant, as well as more taut, over time. 

The two arms separate and go on each side of your jaw, then you just roll it over the lower half of your face from chin to earlobe. 


  • Affordable price
  • Helps to relax muscles and ease tension 
  • Works on two sides of your face at once


  • Takes practice to nail the technique
  • Can take a while to get used to the sensation

6. Best jade roller: Lumity Jade Facial Roller

lumity jade roller

Price: £25 | Buy now from John Lewis & Partners

“Keep it in the fridge with your serum and it’s wildly relaxing! I do 10 minutes before bed and it really helps me relax.” TeddyIsaHe

Probably the best-known and most widely used facial tools out there are jade rollers. You’ll find countless different versions, but we love this one by Lumity. 

Jade is great for skin because of its cooling effects – it’ll still feel cool to the touch after being rolled over your face. This can help to combat puffiness, tighten skin and have you looking (and feeling) much more awake in no time. 

To take your rolling routine to the next level, try popping your roller in the fridge before you use it. 


  • Easy to use
  • Looks gorgeous on your dressing table
  • Feels relaxing to use


  • Effects are limited 

7. Best quartz roller: Rose Quartz Facial Roller

rose quartz face roller

Price: £30 | Buy now from The White Company

“I’ve got a rose quartz one, which is lovely. I use it every day.” Keepthebloodynoisedown

Like jade, rose quartz is loved my Mumsnetters and beyond for its cooling properties – it maintains its cool temperature for longer than the green stone, even, and is known to be smoother too. We love this double-ended roller from The White Company. 

Rolling this crystal over your face can help to encourage lymphatic flow and drainage in the skin, which is thought to take the edge off puffiness and inflammation. Start on the neck before moving up to the face, working from the centre outwards. 

As well as the benefits it can have on your skin, this roller also will help to melt tension in your facial muscles. 


  • Two different sized rollers are great for targeting different areas
  • Really easy to use
  • Good for relaxation


  • Not everyone will notice visual results

8. Best facial tool for eyes: Fraîcheur Paris Ice Globes

fraicher paris ice globes

Price: £59.99 | Buy now from Cult Beauty

More of us are becoming savvy to the effects of cold therapy. While an icy shower is a great, inexpensive way to help reduce inflammation and relieve tired, tense muscles, it’s perhaps not a super attractive option – and won’t target your skin specifically. 

Ice globes have become popular tools in the bags of skincare pros over the years, and are designed to be put in the fridge or freezer before being used to massage the face. Benefits include brightened skin, a reduction in puffiness (which is why they’re so great for that troublesome under-the-eye area), smaller pores and tauter skin. 

There’s no right or wrong way to use them - just move them over your skin in a way that feels relaxing and refreshing. 


  • Instant benefits including reduction in puffiness
  • Used by skincare pros


  • Require regular use

Results not long-term

9. Best tool for microcurrent treatment: Foreo Bear App-Connected Microcurrent Facial Toning Device

foreo bear

Price: £250 | Buy now from Amazon

“I have the full size and am really happy with it. After two weeks I can see a difference.” Campervan69

Microcurrent treatment uses electricity to give your facial muscles a workout, stimulating blood flow and cell production, resulting in lifted and smoothed skin that feels fresher and firmer. 

Sounds a bit intimidating? It doesn’t feel like that with the Foreo Bear Microcurrent Facial Toning Device, which is designed to adjust its intensity to suit your skin so that it never feels uncomfortable. The silver balls glide smoothly over your face, conducting that all-important current without the need to use heavy pressure. 

This serious bit of kit is celebrated for giving pretty much instant results after just one use – so imagine what it can do if you put it to work on the regular. 


  • Instant results
  • Long-lasting charge
  • Praised by beauty professionals
  • Compact for travel
  • Connects to the Foreo app


  • Significant investment

10. Best face massager: Hacurlist Facial Massager

hacurlist facial massager

Price: £32.45 | Buy now from Amazon

If it’s a microcurrent treatment you want without the hefty price tag, this little number might be your new favourite tool. 

It has the same muscle-stimulating idea as the other two facial toners on our list, including the NuFace Mini, although it’s not as powerful and uses high frequency vibrations to clean deep into the skin too. 

Users report brighter skin and tighter pores almost instantly, while the makers say the product will also help improve elasticity in the skin, promote blood flow and help skincare products to be absorbed more deeply. 


  • Budget-friendly microcurrent treatment option
  • Noticeable results


  • Not as powerful as the other microcurrent tools, such as the Foreo Bear

Do facial tools really work?

The success of facial tools is dependent on quite a few variables – from how often you put them to work (regular use is needed if you’re after long-lasting effects) to the condition of your skin and what you’re targeting. 

Some tools – like jade face rollers – are mostly successful at simply relaxing the facial muscles and cooling puffy, hot skin, while others - like the Foreo Luna 3 - will give more professional, noticeable results. 

What is the best beauty tool?

The Foreo Luna 3 is a favourite among Mumsnetters and the best beauty tool out there, representing the ideal balance between cost and results. It’s an investment for sure, but it’s easy to use every day and promises results that will catch your eye in the bathroom mirror. 

How we chose our recommendations

We chose these products after scouring the Mumsnet forums for products that our readers have tried and loved, as well as researching user reviews and verdicts from skincare and beauty professionals online. 

We thoroughly researched every product here to make sure we offered variety and quality in our final top-10 list, so there will be something that works for you at a budget you’re comfortable with.  

Why you should trust us

The Mumsnet team delves into our forums, bestseller lists and user reviews to find products that really work, so that we can offer readers honest and independent advice. 

Transparency is important to us, which is why we're always clear about where we find our recommendations. 

If you buy something that we recommended as a result of our research, we are sometimes paid affiliate commission from the retailer –  unless you aren’t happy with the product and return it. In that instance, we don’t make a penny.