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Best chimineas to add to your garden in 2022

Garden chimineas don’t just provide a source of heat on chilly nights, they can make your outdoor area look swish in an instant. We've rounded up the hottest chimineas to add to your patio this year. 

By Kelly Rose Bradford | Last updated May 4, 2022

A modern black chiminea burning in a garden

If you love the idea of sitting around a real fire as you while away summer evenings, a gorgeous chiminea should be top of your garden shopping list. From bargain burners to spendy statement buys, there's a chiminea to suit almost any space, lifestyle and budget. 

The beauty of a chiminea is that it allows you to enjoy your garden all year round so you can extend those summer nights well into winter. And if you opt for one that you can grill on, you've got a useful and versatile addition to your garden that the whole family can enjoy. 

Here are the best chimineas to buy in 2022. 

1. Best overall chiminea: Samuel Alexander Garden Log Burner Chiminea

Samuel Alexander Garden Log Burner Chiminea

Price: £89 | Buy now from Amazon

This is a neat chiminea for all types of garden - and its open design will throw out a lot of heat, so perfect if you mainly want your burner for keeping snug next to when the evening chill sets in! Its open design also makes it a cinch to use - the logs are stored under the fire pit, and everything is easy to access. It comes with a poker so you can safely move the logs around once the fire is lit, and a chimney cover to protect the logs from the rain. A real ‘outdoor fireplace’ style piece! 

Key specs

  • Dimensions: 140 x 45cm
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 9.8kg
  • Fuel type: Wood

2. Best budget chiminea: MaxxGarden Pyramid Black Stainless Steel Chiminea

MaxxGarden Pyramid Black Stainless Steel Chiminea

Price: £60 | Buy now from Amazon

This pyramid-shaped chimney is a real bargain buy, and proves that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to have an attractive burner in your garden. Its size and shape also make it ideal for smaller patios, although there are larger sizes in the range at equally competitive prices.

It's made from alloy steel, and requires some light home assembly. Fans of it say it emits a good deal of heat, and that the instructions are very easy to follow. A great buy as an entry level chimenea if you’re unsure how much you'll get out of it, or whether it will suit your garden.

Key specs

  • Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 100cm
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Weight: 4.33kg
  • Fuel type: Wood 

3. Best small chiminea: Garden Leisure Steel Chiminea

Garden Leisure Steel Chiminea

Price: £100 | Buy now from Not on the High Street

If you’re looking for a dinky chiminea or firepit for a small space, or perhaps an appropriately ventilated balcony or roof garden, this steel chiminea by Garden Leisure could be right up your street. Described as being simple, stylish and functional, its petite dimensions do not detract from its ability to produce a good amount of heat. It has a steel body and cast iron legs, and is finished in heat resistant black or pewter paint.

The door is made of mesh and it has a rain lid, a log grate and a safety tong for stoking.

Key specs

  • Dimensions: Height: 72 x 36cm
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: Not provided
  • Fuel type: Wood

4. Best clay chiminea: La Hacienda Swirl Clay Chiminea

La Hacienda Swirl Clay Chiminea

Price: £72 | Buy now from Amazon

There’s nothing like a painted clay chimenea to create a holiday or festival vibe in the garden, and this gorgeous swirl clay model from La Hacienda is just the ticket. It’s been hand crafted in clay, and painted with traditional Mexican chiminea designs. Despite its compact size, it would make a lovely focal point in any size garden. It stands securely on a sturdy steel base, and has a lid to protect it from the rain. 

Key specs

  • Dimensions: ‎30 x 30 x 68 cm
  • Material: Clay and steel
  • Weight: 9.5kg
  • Fuel type: Wood 

5. Best cast iron chiminea: Deuba Cast Iron Garden Chiminea

Deuba Cast Iron Garden Chiminea

Price: £120 | Buy now from Mano Mano

This medium-sized cast iron chiminea is suitable for most gardens. It has traditional chiminea good looks, and some nice stylish touches like the slightly curved legs and an aged finish. It's been praised for its robust structure and how easy it is to put together. Keeping it covered or storing in a garage between uses will prolong the finish and avoid rust.   

Key specs

  • Dimensions: 112cm high
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Weight: 28kg
  • Fuel type: wood or charcoal

6. Best child-friendly chiminea: Holford Chiminea With Safety Grill

Holford Chiminea With Safety Grill

Price: £159 | Buy now from Wayfair

If you’ve got youngsters or pets running around, a chiminea that comes with a covering that guards the burning area is a must. And even then, the unit should be well out of reach of children. This mesh-fronted chiminea from Dakota Fields is a good option for peace of mind. Even though it will of course still get very hot to the touch, the mesh will protect sparks from flying out, and little hands getting access to the  flames. It comes with a poker, and requires self assembly.  

Key specs

  • Dimensions: 120 x 45 x 45cm
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 7.7kg
  • Fuel type: Wood

7. Best low smoke chiminea: Solo Stove Bonfire Portable Fire Pit

Solo Stove Bonfire Portable Fire Pit

Price: £350 | Buy now from Amazon

If you want to take your garden burner along with you on camping trips then this classy little number could be just what you’re looking for. First up, it looks great - simple, modern, and stylish - but more importantly, it throws out a lot of heat and doesn't produce a lot of smoke in the process. Its double wall design and multiple ventilation points means it heats up quickly and burns efficiently, so there's less risk of half-burnt logs to deal with. You can use logs in it, and it comes with a carry case for easy transportation. A brilliant buy for campers and caravanners.

Key specs

  • Dimensions: 60 x 55 x 43 cm
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 9.8kg
  • Fuel type: Wood

8. Best BBQ chiminea: MonsterShop Cast Iron Chiminea

MonsterShop Cast Iron Chiminea

Price: £150 | Buy now from Amazon

This is a really good looking chiminea with some great features - for a start, most reviewers say it's easy to assemble (though some warn of sharp edges), plus, it comes with a barbeque toasting rack and a poker. It also comes with a handy rain cover, which is a great addition, as you usually have to buy them separately. It’s frost proof, and made from high quality cast iron, which will heat up quickly and throw out a lot of heat - something you can control by adjusting the air vent at the top of the chimney. 

Key specs

  • Dimensions: 48 x 50 x 110cm
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Weight: 23.5kg
  • Fuel type: Wood, coal and charcoal 

9. Best large chiminea for entertaining: Hensita Rustic Outdoor Fireplace Chimnea with Cooking Grill

Price: £333 | Buy now from Amazon

This is a sizable piece and an investment buy. It has an antique-style rustic finish, and the iron grill swings out for ease of use. It can also be adjusted into three different positions to suit whatever you are cooking. The screen door is a great size, meaning you can easily and safely top up the fire and add or remove food. It has a removable ash pan for easy emptying, and comes with a steel poker. If you regularly entertain in your garden, then this could be a great addition to your outdoor setup. 

Key specs  

  • Dimensions: 124 x 75 cm
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Weight: 32kg
  • Fuel type: Wood

10. Best modern chiminea: La Hacienda Skyline Steel Chiminea Firepit

La Hacienda Skyline Steel Chiminea Firepit

Price: £149 | Buy now from John Lewis

If you are looking for a modern, minimalist chiminea to adorn your patio, then you won’t go far wrong with the La Hacienda Skyline. It’s sleek, architectural, and has a smaller footprint than many other burners, so is great for smaller gardens. It’s easy to assemble, and has a built-in log store (so you won’t have to find additional space to store your firewood in, either). This is a really stylish choice for those who love clean, linear designs, and don’t want an enormous chiminea taking over their garden.  

Key specs

  • Dimensions: 150 x 36 x 36 cm
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 11.9kg
  • Fuel type: Wood

What’s the best thing to burn in a chiminea?

The most important thing about whatever wood you choose to burn is that it is perfectly dry (or ‘seasoned’ which basically means left to dry). Choose a slow-burning wood like beech, sycamore or ash, for a good amount of heat, and longevity of fire. Don’t be tempted to use your chiminea or firepit to chuck your rubbish or garden clippings into - it won’t burn well, and could give off noxious smoke. 

How do you get the best heat from a chiminea?

Obviously positioning your chiminea in a sheltered spot in your garden will help it stay burning for longer, and allow you to stay warmer around it, but once the initial fire has been burning for an hour or so, stoking the embers will help keep the heat coming off it, by encouraging more air flow. Resist the temptation to keep adding extra logs, and never use twigs or leaves - they won’t burn well, and could produce a lot of smoke.  

Are chimineas safe to use around kids?

Children should always be closely supervised around any source of heat, be they chimineas, firepits or BBQs, and should not be left alone near them. Always bear in mind a chiminea will still be very hot long after the fire has gone out. Consider putting a fireguard around your chiminea or firepit as an extra precaution, or look for a model that has mesh all the way around the burner compartment. 

What’s the best chiminea to buy in the UK?

If you're going to invest some money in a chiminea, and want it to be a multi-use, focal point in your garden, we don’t think you'll be disappointed by the Hensita Rustic Fireplace Chiminea. You can cook on it, get warm around it, and it can be used all year round. Use it to cook baked potatoes or roast marshmallows in the winter months or enjoy it as a backdrop to all those summer barbies and garden drinks parties!  

How we chose our recommendations

Because we know that there’s nothing like a real recommendation from a real parent, we first headed to the Mumsnet forums to find out which chimineas, outdoor fireplaces and firepits Mumsnet users had bought. We checked out the types they recommended for being up to the job, that stayed in good condition after a summer of use, that gave off good heat, and were safe and sturdy in the garden.  We then did some research across the wider web, looking at which chimineas and firepits had won accolades or been featured in ‘best buy’ lists across websites and print media, and what customer reviews said about them.

Having collated all that information, we picked the top chimineas we thought would make the best buys.

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