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26 August: Back to school special

Smiggle bags and pencil cases

Price: from £3, shop bags / shop pencil cases

MNers say: "I've just bought my son a Smiggle book bag - it's a bit more than I was planning on spending but it's waterproof and he loves it." CigarsofthePharoahs

"I'd have loved one as a child!" ToGrapefruit

"Very good quality, very sturdy. I was sceptical at first, but my god I loved it in that shop - so many lovely things!" Shodan

"I'm a teacher, so Smiggle is my happy place. I've got a few of the Bubble pencil cases and they are fantastic. I can toss them around and they don't break." MidniteScribbler

Kickers school shoes

Price: from £32, Schuh

MNers say: "We bought DD some T-bar Kickers and had them fitted at John Lewis. They're still in great condition after six months of daily wear and hard use. I'd definitely recommend Kickers!" RueDeWakening

"My DD is going into year nine and has worn Kickers buckle patent black shoes for the last year - they've worn really well." Susiesue61

"DD is going into year eight and I've just bought her another pair of Kickers, the bog standard lace-ups. Not cheap, but lasted all year." AtiaoftheJulii

Next school trousers

Price: from £7, Next girls / Next boys

MNers say: "I've always bought Next trousers for my son and they've been excellent quality and value." GingeFringe

"Next are more expensive than supermarkets but much, much better quality. There's plenty of wear left in DS's trousers for DD, should she want them." BikeRunSki

"Next was great for my DS. I bought a pair of trousers from his school's official suppliers, and found the cut and design of the styles not right. However the pair I have found in Next are cut very stylishly." OsmiumPhazer

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12 August

Riverford meat boxes

Price: from £3.95, Riverford

MNers say: "Have you looked at Riverford? It's a while since we had a meat box, but when we did, it was great." slicedfinger

"I second that recommendation. They also have excellent customer service - just a phone call and they replace/compensate, no questions." JazzerciseThis

"Riverford's meat is excellent. It does cost more than the supermarket but I think it's worth it - we eat less, but better meat." CrowFromBelow

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Longchamp Le Pilage bags


Price: from £26, Harrods

MNers say: "I wouldn't be without mine now, I use it daily. Best bag I've ever bought." Paperblank

"I have a medium shoulder bag and I've used it every day for a few years. They are very lightweight and I find all other bags too heavy now!" artylady14

"I have a few - they're great. The oldest one is about five years old and has had a lot of use, but there's no sign of wear in the corners at all." Patapouf

Barry M eyeliner

Price: £2.99, Boots

MNers say: "Barry M is amazing! Cheap too and normally on a 3 for 2 in Boots." PretzelPrincess

"Very soft and no drag on my elderly eyes. I love the metallic ones. Very good price, not animal tested - gotta love a bit of Barry M." 70isaLimitNotaTarget

"Also going to say Barry M, particularly the waterproof metallic ones such as Gun Metal - I'm on my third one!" Molinko

5 August

Microfibre cleaning cloths

Price: from £1.69, Amazon

MNers say: "Microfibre cloths revolutionised my cleaning!" imip

"I second the use of microfibre cloths. It doesn't matter which cleaning liquid you use (even just water), they will always give a clean, streak-free finish." ExcuseMyEyebrows

"They are great." VeryPunny

Didriksons coats

Price: from £76.65, Amazon

MNers say: "I have two Didriksons coats and I love them both!" chocolateteabag

"I have a much-loved Didriksons Taylor." Laquila

"I sent off for a Didriksons Mary yesterday in olive green. It arrived today and I bloody love it - can't wait for winter now! I'm a tall 14 and the size 14 fits me perfectly." daimbardiva

The Body Shop Ginger anti-dandruff shampoo

Price: £4.50, The Body Shop

MNers say: "The Ginger shampoo is really lovely." DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen

"The Body Shop Ginger shampoo (raved about on Mumsnet) was the solution to my nasty scalp. Actually, my scalp is very dry at the moment, so I should start using it again..." fruitscone

"The best shampoo I've found for my very sensitive scalp is The Body Shop Ginger shampoo." MegBusset

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