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Mumsnet Swears By

Klaxon! Here's our latest round-up of Mumsnetters' hero buys.

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29 April 2015

M&S 5 Pocket Jeggings

Price: from £19.50, M&S

MNers say: "The only mid-rise stretchy jeans you'll ever need! I love them. They're fully stretchy from top to bottom, with thick fabric that holds you in." BallroomWithNoBalls

"I second the recommendation of M&S jeggings. They're not really jeggings, they're more like skinny jeans - lovely thick, stretchy denim." MoltenBrownChocolate

"I see I'm not the only one to have discovered these fab jeans. They NEVER go baggy." MoonHare


Maybelline BB Cream

Price: from £6.99, Superdrug

MNers say: "It's SPF 30 and my skin loves it! It's exactly what I was after for the summer and it lasts well too - in fact, it's better than my usual foundation in terms of coverage. I'm well chuffed with it." BallroomWithNoBalls

"I love Maybelline BB Cream - it's better than any of the more expensive ones I've tried." MilkThistle187

"I wore the Maybelline BB Cream SPF 30 by the pool on holiday and it worked a treat. It's good stuff." Lottapianos 


La Roche-Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel

Price: £10.20, Escentual

MNers say: "It's AMAZING! It has kept my (previously oily, prone to breakouts) skin in check throughout my whole pregnancy - I literally can't remember the last time I had a spot." pickwickcrocus

"The Physiological Cleansing Gel is great and doesn't irritate skin. I love La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo too." Kundry

"It's really helped with my skin, I had terrible cysts and spots all over my chin. I used the cleanser, then the duo, and now my spots have totally gone." Bakeoffcake


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22 April 2015

Pixi Glow Tonic

Price: £29.85, Amazon

MNers say: "Try Pixi Glow Tonic. I'm a toner fiend and it's my absolute favourite." Stinkersmum

"Pixi Glow is amazeballs. It doesn't dry your skin." HeyheyheyGoodbye

"Pixi Glow Tonic is helping to even out my skin tone. It's an exfoliating toner that I sweep over my skin after cleansing." Lovewearingjeans


Chanel Cristalle


Price: from £40.50, John Lewis

MNers say: "I like Chanel Cristalle for summer." sleepwhenidie

"I second Chanel Cristalle." bigfatfeet

"Another vote for Chanel Cristalle - I've worn it for years in the summer." Scuttlebutter


Lakeland Oven Mate

Price: £7.99, Amazon

MNers say: "This is great. You paint it on, leave for a few hours and wipe off - just remember to use the gloves." tassisssss

"Lakeland Oven Mate.... It's brilliant. Just wipes off!" jazzandh

"It's magic. Simply wipe off with kitchen roll to reveal a shiny oven that looks brand new. Told you it's magic. No mess, smell or elbow grease." furball


15 April 2015

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion, from £3.66

Price: from £3.66, Superdrug

MNers say: "Aveeno is amazing." Lardylassnomore

"A second vote here for Aveeno. I use the body lotion and the effect lasts all day." Fozzleyplum

"Aveeno for me too. It really does the job on dry, post-winter skin." LoadsaBlusher


Weber Charcoal BBQ, from £69.99

Price: £69.99, John Lewis

MNers say: "We've got a Weber Charcoal BBQ - it's fab! It's lasted for five years so far, very sturdy and robust. We've even cooked whole chickens on it!" Iggly

"Weber Charcoal BBQs all the way - they really do last." HollyBollyBooBoo

"Another vote for the Weber Charcoal BBQ. If you make the investment and commit to looking after it, you'll get lots of good use from it." BizzeeBee


Debenhams Gorgeous bras, from £5

Price: from £5, Debenhams

MNers say: "I like Debenhams own brand Gorgeous bras - they fit well and are very smooth." IlonaRN

"Debenhams: Best. Bras. Ever. Really, they are all I wear." KanyesVest

"Another vote for Debenhams bras. I've tried about a million bras, and these are the best I've come across." lurkingaround


PS: Got a product you swear by? Share it by posting on Talk, and add your reviews of your favourite products.

Swears By mentions are only accorded to genuinely Mumsnetter-recommended products; please don't spam the boards. Find out how we compile Swears By here

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8 April 2015

Boden T-shirts

Price: from £9, Boden

MNers say: "Boden do nice basic T-shirts. Lots of lovely colours and I find them very good quality - they last for years." CalicoBlue

"I ordered several of these in different colours and they are exactly what I'm looking for. Good quality, probably the nicest fit I have ever found, and a variety of colours." wrenster

"Another Boden fan here. The crew-neck and v-neck T-shirts both fit really well, and they wash well, too." BlueEyedWonder


Sleek eyebrow kits

Price: from £4.99, Superdrug

MNers say: "I like the Sleek brow palette. It comes with two brushes, little tweezers, a wax and a powder." SandorClegane

"The Sleek palette is exactly the same as more expensive brands. It's fab and looks very natural." MushroomOmelette

"After years of using other brands, I now much prefer the Sleek palette." zinnia


No7 foundations

Price: from £9.95, Boots

MNers say: "I use No7 Stay Perfect and really like it - great coverage, and it lasts." leccybill

"I have the Superlight foundation. It's a perfect match, and feels lightweight." GingerbreadBaubles

"I got the Lift & Luminate last week after seeing it recommended on Mumsnet. It's light, easy to apply and I do look healthier and brighter." dancingwitch


1 April 2015

M&S Collection Midi Knickers

Price: from £1.99, Marks and Spencer

MNers say: "Yes to M&S midis!" McFox

"Their midis in the five pack are good if you want more tummy/bum coverage." bonzo77

"I really like the M&S midi pants." Branleuse


Sleek make-up

Price: from £2.79, Superdrug

MNers say: "It's like Mac but more affordable. They do lots of bright coloured eyeshadows with high pigment that are suitable for darker skins. I would certainly recommend." NoRockandRollFun

"Sleek is a bit different to the usual highstreet ranges. It's affordable, with great packaging and lots of different colours." jjwhite

"I like their eyeshadow palettes - I have Naturel and Storm - and they have high pigmentation so last all day. Their bronzer is good too." CoconutAmericano


Next Bergamot and Rich Amber Eau de Parfum

Price: £20, Next

MNers say: "The Eau Premiere in Bergamot & Amber from Next is bloody lovely." leccybill

"It's very pretty and lasts all day. I have had a couple of compliments about it - it really is gorgeous." KissyBoo

"I absolutely LOVE Next's Bergamot & Rich Amber! Such a gorgeous fragrance, and lasts really well in my experience." SaladCreamOnEverything


25 March 2015

M&S Flares 

Price: £35, Marks and Spencer

MNers say: "Buy, buy, buy people! They are gorgeous, but very long (as they should be) so for wearing with heels only." frankietwospots

"I bought the last pair in my local M&S and they are really flattering." WagonWheel

"I've worn them to death, with a pair of suede M&S ankle boots that are also gorgeous. I think M&S are having a moment this year." stevienickstophat


Lotta From Stockholm clogs

Price: from £49.95, Amazon

MNers say: "Love, love, love them. I wore them last summer and really look forward to wearing them again!"Pippidoeswhatshewants

"What I find amazing is that they look so uncomfortable, but are actually so, so comfy." lurkingaround

"Lotta has a great choice, especially when you consider the price. If you want to buy a first pair, I'd go for these." dotsanddashes


Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil


Price: £12.38, Lookfantastic

MNers say: "I use it at night with no other product on top of it. I love it and it often give a bottle as a birthday present." gonegrey56

"I thought Trilogy would be no different to other rosehip oils, but it is: it's better." imip

"I love it. It really helps scars, too. I've been using it for a month." KittieCat



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