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26 October 2016

Zoflora disinfectant


Price: from £3.39, Amazon 

Mumsnetters say: "I use Zoflora on everything, for everything. I'm a bit of a clean freak anyway so this stuff is right up my street!! Love all the scents as well." Ankleswingers

"I mop with Zoflora every day - I'm a bit obsessed with it." OodleDoodleBug

"Zoflora is also really good used diluted on dirty windows - makes them nice and shiny. Also makes pots and pans shiny once you've cleaned them." Mozfan1

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Korres shower gel

Price: from £8, lookfantastic 

Mumsnetters say: "Korres - all smell gorgeous." Lottapianos

"Seconding Korres, specifically the Japanese Rose or Santorini Vine scents. They are lovely, the scent stays on your skin, they foam nicely (you only need a bit on one of those net shower puff things) and they aren't drying." FrickOnAStick

"Third vote for Korres. Loving the fig one, it's really well done. Santorini Vine is nice too." FrustratedFrugal

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Benefit Rollerlash mascara


Price: £19.50, Boots

Mumsnetters say: "I have tried many different ones and this is the first one that I have loved so much that I didn't baulk at the price." Thatwaslulu

"Agree. I've tried lots of mascaras and have found many of them disappointing, so I wholeheartedly recommend this one! I have short straight lashes and this makes them longer and more curly." Destinysdaughter

"Another vote for Rollerlash." jenniuol

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19 October 2016

John Lewis microfibre shorts (pack of three)


Price: £8, John Lewis 

Mumsnetters say: "The John Lewis ones with a cotton gusset are great - very light and comfortable." leedy

"I now only wear microfibre. They're breathable and far more comfortable against the skin." SnookieSnooks

"Mine are from John Lewis - I've worn nothing else for years. I find them much more comfy than cotton and much lighter/cooler." Clayhead

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New Balance trainers

Price: from £55, ASOS 

Mumsnetters say: "I've got some New Balance trainers and I love them. They're really comfy and cool - and have lasted really well. Not too £££ either." Hensintheskirting

"I have these very comfy New Balance trainers - approved by my fashionista daughter." mayhew

"New Balance trainers are very comfy." FreeButtonBee

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Urban Decay Naked palette


Price: £38.50, feelunique

Mumsnetters say: "It's one of the few possessions I own that I would replace like-for-like instantly if it was lost/damaged." NotPennysBoat

"Highly recommend the Urban Decay palette - it's been a staple of mine for the last five years." mandymoomin

"It's absolutely beautiful and I love it." Piehunter

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12 October 2016

Asda Wonderfit skinny jeans


Price: £20, George at Asda 

Mumsnetters say: "They are the best jeans I have ever worn." Omgkitties

"I second the Asda Wonderfit jeans - so comfy and I've had loads of compliments whilst wearing them." frikadela01

"High-waisted and comfortable. I like them so much I have three in different colours." stripeyzebra32

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Aigle Parcour wellington boots

Price: from £30.37, Amazon 

Mumsnetters say: "I have Aigle Parcours - they are fabulous." leaveittothediva

"Aigle Parcours every time. Bought mine last Christmas and there have only been about two days in our so-called summer when I didn't wear them. I bloody love them." Bubble2bubble

"I have the Aigle Parcours short version and they are very comfy." mimiasovitch

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UniQlo Heattech crew neck T-shirt


Price: £12.90, UniQlo

Mumsnetters say: "I wear them all the time in winter under 'normal' clothes." Suttonmum1

"I am also a fan of Uniqlo Heattech, they do help keep me warmer." Doyouthinktheysaurus

"I actually really like the Uniqlo ones - and I'm in Scotland where it can get very chilly! I have a couple of the M&S version too and found the Uniqlo were definitely warmer." Judydreamsofhorses

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5 October 2016

hush Tara dress


Price: £55, hush 

Mumsnetters say: "I love love love mine - have both the summer and winter versions and find it so comfy and adaptable." Nearlyadoctor

"I have the navy summer version and the winter version in black and in burgundy. Love them: can wear with boots and opaques or dress up with heels." WicksEnd74

"I love the hush Tara dress. I have a post C-section tummy and find it flattering. It's dead versatile and easy to style." Jemimapuddleduk

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UGG Aria slippers

Price: £85, UGG 

Mumsnetters say: "The UGG sheepskin one is lovely." littlem133

"UGGs without a doubt! Expensive, but I've had mine for years. So cosy and comfy!" Rosyvalentine

"I love my UGG slippers. They have the proper outdoor sole and are so cosy." mamalovesmojitos

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Bioré UV SPF50+ Aqua Rich Watery Essence sunscreen


Price: £21.10, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "I love Bioré Watery Essence (the brightening one). I don't wear foundation now as it smooths pores and is slightly blurring." Ohchristmastreeohchristmastree

"Watery Essence is great." Cockblocktopus

"I like the Watery Essence, though weird name!" OutToGetYou

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