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30 March

Driclor Solution roll-on anti perspirant


Price: £6.19, Boots

Mumsnetters say: "One word: Driclor. It itches like hell but it's changed my life. No underarm sweat AT ALL for about two weeks." Bolshybookworm

"Seriously, persevere for a couple of weeks - the itch and burn dies off. I use it about four times a year now and it keeps sweat in check." slebmum1

"Driclor - so effective you only need it once a week." SoThatHappened

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter


Price: £13, The Body Shop

Mumsnetters say: "The camomile cleansing butter is gorgeous and takes off everything - use it with a muslin cloth." 70isaLimitNotaTarget

"I love The Body Shop's camomile cleansing butter. I have the cleansing oil too, but prefer the butter." CadiM

"The camomile cleanser is lovely if you do hot cloth cleansing." HeyMicky

To combat pimply upper arms: Flexitol Moisturising Foot Cream


Price: £5.99, Boots

Mumsnetters say: "Flexitol is the answer." Pinot

"Flexitol worked a treat for me." liftthatup

"Flexitol - use it twice a day initially and then ease off to once daily. I haven't used it since last summer but my arms don't look as bad as usual." ShotgunNotDoingThePans

23 March

Konjac sponge


Price: £8.99, Look Fantastic

Mumsnetters say: "The difference to my skin tone is incredible. My lifelong nose blackheads are diminishing daily - I'm 47." BeCool

"I have extremely sensitive skin and have started using a Konjac sponge to cleanse. I just use it with water and it seems to work ok." BlackAmericanoNoSugar

"I love cleansing. I put an audiobook on and have my 10 minutes. Konjac sponge with cleanser - bliss." LumpySpacedPrincess

Liberty London for Uniqlo range


Price: from £9.90, Uniqlo

Mumsnetters say: "Lovely stuff! If you can carry off the all over prints then the dresses are divine." Smallinthesmoke

"I just bought this dress - it's lovely! The material has some stretch to it and it hangs really nicely." ontherightpath

"Good haul here: I got two of the lined down gilets (one pink and one blue) which are fab, and two T-shirts (the skyline print and the flower motif one)." VeryPunny

Kitchenaid stand mixer


Price: from £369, John Lewis

Mumsnetters say: "Kitchenaid - a thing of beauty, and useful." 70isaLimitNotaTarget

"I second a Kitchenaid! I love mine as much as my husband." MissTurnstiles

"[I use it to make] everything cakey: pastry, crumble, sponge cake, meringue - it's fabulous. Had one for years and it's worth every penny." Yorkshiremummyof4

16 March

LUSH henna hair colour


Price: from £9.75, LUSH

Mumsnetters say: "God, it's amazing. I used it about four weeks ago and the colour and shine is still as good as when I first did it. I'll never use a box hair dye again." IDoAllMyOwnStunts

"I've used all kinds of henna over the years and LUSH's is the best - worth paying a little extra for." LovelyFriend

"It makes my hair so shiny and soft and my scalp feels better too. I make it up with coffee as it's supposed to darken the colour." madamginger

Soap & Glory body scrubs


Price: from £7, Boots

Mumsnetters say: "Soap & Glory, the breakfast one. It smells like maple pancakes and is very scrubby. I can't bear the 'barely there' gentle ones!" Flossiesmummy

"I love the Soap & Glory scrubs - I'm using Sugar Crush at the moment." chipsandpeas

"After one use I have noticed a definite improvement, both in the look and feel of my arms. I can't wait to continue using it and will update!" NickNacks

Eucerin Anti-Age Volume-Filler day cream


Price: £26, Look Fantastic

Mumsnetters say: "My skin looks so much better and more radiant - someone even commented yesterday, so it must be doing something. I don't work for them (promise!) - just wanted to share." Murphys

"I'm a big fan too and switched over from Clarins. I was using the multi-active day cream, which is lovely, but Eucerin is fab and the anti-age Hylaron filler serum is excellent." MissTurnstiles

"I'm a huge fan of Eucerin products - fantastic." BoboChic

9 March

No7 Protect and Perfect serum


Price: from £24.95, Boots

Mumsnetters say: "It works for me. It makes my skin look smoother and I'd say it takes a couple of years off." nearlyovertherainbow

"I have tried a bazillion serums and in my opinion nothing beats this. I am 50 and get comments on my skin whenever I use it." ThenLaterWhenItGotDark

"They've actually conducted clinical trials that prove it works. No one else has committed this amount of time/money into proving the various claims that they make. On that basis, it's the one I use all the time!" BIWI

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On eye pencil


Price: £15.50, John Lewis

Mumsnetters say: "Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On is good and has loads of colours." mewkins

"Best eyeliners ever. No drag. Amazing green colours - I use Moss Green and Stash (both are fab) and there's loads more colours too." Oly5

"SO soft, effortless glide, and stays on all day." toomuchinternets

BaByliss Curl Secret


Price: £119.99, Boots

Mumsnetters say: "I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It's the one hair styler that I could not live without. I find it really easy on my shortish bob and even on my mum's longer hair. I couldn't recommend it enough!" ChildlessAndOK

"I love mine and I find it really easy to use, but I get ringlet-type curls no matter what heat settings I select - I wish I could do soft waves." SorrelForbes

"It's an amazing machine. It's very quick and easy, but I did get my hairdresser to show me how to use it properly." Ferrerotoffeemint

2 March

Nuxe Rêve de Miel honey lip balm


Price: from £9.50, Escentual

Mumsnetters say: "Now I've found Nuxe Rêve de Miel I'll be looking no further." squishee

"I am a terrible lip picker so any flakes have to be avoided! My best recipe for this is Lansinoh or Nuxe Rêve de Miel at bed time." StoppedClock

"I was in hospital recently for a hideous innards infection that totally dehydrated me and Nuxe Rêve de Miel was the only thing that soothed my dry lips." leedy

Uniqlo long sleeve T-shirts


Price: from £1.90, Uniqlo

Mumsnetters say: "I recommend Uniqlo - the T-shirts are very soft and have kept their shape and colour well." AnnPerkins

"Yes Uniqlo. Lovely and soft, full-length sleeve, good price - perfect! I also love their thermal long sleeve T-shirts for wearing under stuff in the winter - I have about eight!" splodgeness

"Third vote for Uniqlo. They wash well, wear well, keep their shape, are not expensive and are not see-through." cressetmama

The Kitchen Diaries - Nigel Slater


Price: £20.40, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries (the first one) is used very regularly in this house. I think some of his more recent recipes have gone off the boil, but his older books are brilliant." HeyMacWey

"I love Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries and Nigella Lawson's Feast." clary

"Nigel Slater. Every book he's ever written. HUGE fan." ErgonomicallyUnsound

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