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29 June 

Oven Pride cleaner


Price: £8.91, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "Oven Pride worked wonders on my black oven shelves." Whenisitmysleepytime

"It's amazing. I was shocked at how easy it was!" AnotherRubberDuck

"Another vote for Oven Pride. It's excellent." wowfudge

Sainsbury's TU jeans


Price: from £12.50, Sainsbury's

Mumsnetters say: "My favourite jeans are from Sainsbury's. They're great quality and wash well." areyoubeingserviced

"TU at Sainsbury's is one of the very few places where I’ve been able to buy properly skinny jeans (not jeggings) that are made out of denim." RiverTam

"Its premium skinny jeans are fantastic." KenDoddsDadsDog

M&S Wide Fit almond toe court shoes


Price: £19.50, M&S

Mumsnetters say: "I find the M&S nude heels (similar to L.K. Bennett) very comfy. They're not expensive either." Mrs9C

"I was going to suggest the ones from M&S - I love them!" Littleallovertheshop

"Another vote here for M&S. I never wear heels at home but can manage an 11-hour day on my feet at work in these." Nearlyadoctor

22 June 

Bluesky nail gel polishes


Price: from £3.09, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "I have a sensational kit from Boots and I love it. But I use the Bluesky polishes from Amazon as they're a third of the price, bigger bottles and exactly the same!" toomuchinternets

"I second the recommendations for Bluesky. They have a huge range and the polish is fantastic." biscuitkumquat

"I do my own nails and buy Bluesky." CMOTDibbler

Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs


Price: £184.22, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "Tripp Trapp is great for a chair that will last through childhood." NannyR

"We have two Tripp Trapp chairs and I like to sit on them myself, they are so comfortable." Washersaurus

"The Tripp Trapp chairs are easy to clean and look lovely." Enkopkaffetak

Hush Puppies sandals


Price: £45, Schuh

Mumsnetters say: "Hush Puppies Nishi T-strap sandals. Recommended on a thread the other week and absolutely, gorgeously comfy. I'm 35 and I think they're lovely!" LMGTFY

"Oh. I love those Hush Puppies." Dontyouopenthattrapdoor

"Yes - Hush Puppies are great, comfy and look good as well." pleasechange

15 June 

Joules Harbour jersey breton tops


Price: from £24.95, Joules

Mumsnetters say: "I've bought LOADS of breton tops trying to find 'the one', and this is it. I love the thickness of the material, it doesn't cling, and it's fitted in just the right places." Mrs9C

"I have two tops from Joules - they are lush." LadyNicholasdeMimsyPorpington

"I have lots of breton tops from different places, but three from Joules - Harbour is the best by miles." deutschland83

Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker


Price: £25, Selfridges

Mumsnetters say: "We have cafetières, an Aeropress, a Drip and a Nespresso machine (I KNOW ). Of all our kit, I love the Aeropress the most." ScrambledSmegs

"It's a much more mellow flavour than from a cafetière, but still strong." GladGlum

"I love coffee and use an Aeropress or cafetière at home. My favourite is proper espresso - but I realised I'd have to spend about a grand on the grinder, plus the machine itself... So for the moment I'm sticking with my Aeropress." whatsthatcomingoverthehill

Bobbi Brown Skin foundation stick


Price: £29.50, John Lewis

Mumsnetters say: "I love Bobbi Brown. The foundation stick is buildable and you can layer it right up to full coverage. This plus some light eyebrow pencil and lip balm, and I'm happy to face the world!" thatorchidmoment

"I second the Bobbi Brown foundation stick. You would totally expect it to be dry and cakey - but it's not. And it's brilliant for carrying around because it won't leak or smash." PickleSarnie

"The Bobby Brown Skin stick is amazing." ArundelTomb

8 June 

Boden cardigans


Price: from £27.90, Boden

Mumsnetters say: "I love Boden cardigans! I have a few different fits for different occasions and they're all great." coppergrey

"The Favourite Crop cardigan from Boden is excellent - I have it in a few colours. Great 3/4 sleeve and washes well." riskyinred

"The Boden Fifties cardigan is good and not too thin. I wear mine loads." OverAndAbove



Price: from £23.42, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "I love them. They are SO comfy. I have two pairs of the toe post type which I've had for about five years and they're still in good condition. They're pricey but last for years." Dfg15

"Frumpy but so comfortable! I love mine for walking long distances in the summer." DaisyFranceLynch

"I have three pairs of the sparkly toe post ones. I think they are lovely." WILLgiveupsugar

M&S T-shirts


Price: from £6, Marks & Spencers

Mumsnetters say: "The M&S tees with the longer sleeves are really gorgeous and flattering." notagiraffe

"I've got a few from M&S in white, grey, black and navy. They seem to be washing and wearing well, plus they look good - I like them." missmartha01

"I have the M&S T-shirts with the slightly longer sleeve (just above the elbow) and scoop neck. They're really flattering and have washed well so far." OverAndAbove

1 June 

Toms shoes


Price: from £16, Office

Mumsnetters say: "Mine are on their second summer, I love them and find them very comfortable. I wore them in China last year and they coped with monsoon rains and recovered." Trumpton

"I love them, I have two pairs and have my eyes on a third! Toms are the comfiest shoes I've found." outhDownsSunshine

"I don't have a bad word to say about Toms- I even wore them on my wedding day!" WaitrosePigeon

Boden ruched skirt


Price: £39.50, Boden

Mumsnetters say: "I've been wearing my Boden ruched skirt all week and I may just wear it for the rest of my life. It makes my arse look amazing. That is all." Floisme

"My Boden ruched skirt arrived and I love it. I got the navy one so will wait until I can wear it with bare legs." MrsCampbellBlack

"It's so flattering. My husband never comments on my clothes (unless he really hates it) and he wolf-whistled." Lambzig

Bare Minerals Original SPF foundation


Price: £26, lookfantastic

Mumsnetters say: "I use Bare Minerals and I LOVE it - couldn't ask for a better range that suits me. It's so buildable - you can have a nice light cover and build into a heavier look. I couldn’t ask for better." secretgirl

"I've used the Original for years. It's all in the application - I use a fluffy brush all over, then a denser brush around my nose etc." Cakescakescakes

"Yes, the Original powder for me too - covers really well." Purplerunner 

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