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27 July 



Price: £53.95, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "I bought a Dunlopillo after reading a recommendation on Mumsnet. It's great." reup

"Another vote for Dunlopillo - they're amazing." rabbit123

"Thirding Dunlopillo - everything else goes flat and lumpy. My first one lasted over 10 years!" FenellaFerranti

Teva sandals


Price: £35, Teva

Mumsnetters say: "I LOVE Teva sandals. I used to have some I could wear on the beach, so they were a kind of synthetic webbing, but I think the leather option looks really good, too." feralcat19

"Tevas are a good choice for a walking vacation." oobedobe

"I have a pair of Teva hiking sandals that are very comfortable." Doyouthinktheysaurus

Britax Kidfix booster car seat


Price: £79.99, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "We have the Britax booster seat for my daughter and we're really pleased with it. She's a tall six-year-old and there's heaps of room." Only1scoop

"I have a Britax Kidfix for my older boy, which is great." wonderwoo

"We've got the Britax Kidfix - very happy with it." idontlikealdi

20 July 

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey


Price: £18, lookfantastic

Mumsnetters say: "Black Honey is a must for me. It goes on really sheer, but the colour can be built up. I just think it is a really beautiful, universally flattering shade. It looks gorgeous on everyone." BagPusscatnip

"The Black Honey is lovely. I use it and it's a very nice shade." Pinkheart5915

"I LOVE Black Honey!" maggiethemagpie

Dove Invisible Dry deodorant


Price: from £1.73, Superdrug

Mumsnetters say: "Dove Invisible roll-on is good. I've not had marks on my clothes since I started using it." Nothingwittyhere

"I second Dove Invisible - I use the stick." OrangesAreTheOnlyFruit

"All the big brands do one that leaves no white marks - I use Dove." itstheyearzero

No7 Stay Perfect foundation


Price: £14.50, Boots

Mumsnetters say: "Yes to No7 - I've tried every expensive foundation going and only ended up with this one because my mum gave it to me. I'm now on my fourth bottle - high praise!" BearFoxBear

"I use No7 Stay Perfect now after switching from Clinique." leccybill

"Another vote for No7 Stay Perfect. It's easy to blend, not too oily, doesn't aggravate my skin and a great colour match for me." Beautifullymixed

13 July: Travel special 

Speedo Sculpt Watergem swimsuit


Price: from £15, John Lewis

Mumsnetters say: "I've just bought the Speedo Sculpt Watergem. It has nice big, adjustable straps, but looks really stylish. It gives you a nice shape even if you are trying to hide a few pounds." Only1scoop

"I second the Speedo Sculpt Watergem." StarSpotter

"I usually wear Speedo swimsuits for lap swimming. I'm not particularly huge of nork but find them supportive enough." leedy

Crocs Rio Flat W ballet flats


Price: from £24.49, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "They are THE BEST holiday shoes!" Palomb

"I'm currently living in my black Crocs Rios - I can wear them all day with no problems at all." GuinevereBeck

"I love my Crocs - comfiest things ever." LunaLoveg00d

Ultrasun Family SPF 30


Price: from £16, feelunique

Mumsnetters say: "We use Ultrasun Family and it's brilliant. We used it last summer in Spain and I'll be buying it again for our summer holiday." HemanOrSheRa

"My ginger son is fine with the SPF 30, even in Greece." JsOtherHalf

"Ultrasun Family SPF 30 is brilliant stuff." SouperSal

St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower lotion


Price: £14.50, feelunique

Mumsnetters say: "I found it really easy to use. OK, the standing there for three mins wasn't great, but I used the time to tidy the bathroom and comb conditioner through my hair." SorrelForbes

"I like it. It builds up gradually and I've never had streaks - unlike with other brands." CharlieSierra

"Pale-skinned strawberry blonde here. St. Tropez Gradual Tan is the only thing that doesn't look orange on me." Lambzig

6 July 

Lily Lolo foundation


Price: from £8.49, feelunique

Mumsnetters say: "I use Lily Lolo, which is more affordable [than Bare Minerals] and you can order samples so you don't waste too much on wrong colours." NerdyBird

"I use Lily Lolo now for rosacea - it gives much better coverage." jingscrivvens

"Another vote for Lily Lolo! Brilliant stuff - much better for my skin than Bare Minerals, and much cheaper too." NellWilsonsWhiteHair

Dulux paint in Timeless


Price: from £4.65, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "You'll see it recommended on Mumsnet a lot, but Dulux Timeless really does look good." Thelovecats

"We used Timeless in our south-facing kitchen and it's lovely." LazySusan11

"Another thumbs up for Dulux Timeless. It's modern and crisp but not too stark." jennyblonde82

UPPAbaby prams


Price: from £449.99, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "I'm 5"11 and have the UPPAbaby Cruz. My partner and I were worried about height. I love that the child is higher up." Belager

"Another vote for UPPAbaby. I'm not tall but my husband is, and it works well for both of us." dinodiva

"I have an UPPAbaby Vista 2015 and I'd really recommend it as a versatile pram - not perfect, but really great." DevonLulu

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