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24 February: Mother's Day gift guide


The White Company Seychelles range

Monica Vinader bracelets

Price: from £12, The White Company

MNers say: "Oh I love The White Company's Seychelles range. A delicious tropical island scent." squoosh

Price: from £75, Selfridges

MNers say: "I've got one with a nickname engraved on it. I like this style because I don't like the jangliness of bangles." TheCraicDealer


Seasalt Seafolly jacket

How to Eat - Nigella Lawson cookbook

Price: from £71.96, Amazon

MNers say: "It fits beautifully and keeps you dry and warm too (with a jumper underneath)." PetronellaOsgood

Price: £16.59, Amazon

MNers say: "A huge variety of interesting recipes. Her best book ever - you won't regret buying it." gonegrey56

4160 Tuesdays Ealing Green perfume

BaByliss Big Hair

Price: from £60, Escentual

MNers say: "Ealing Green is very fresh and green and grassy - perfect for spring." MissBattleaxe

Price: from £36, John Lewis

MNers say: "It definitely gives you a salon blow dry look. I love it!" bakewelltarte

17 February

Parka London coats


Price: from £98, asos

Mumsnetters say: "I have a Lara parka in green, and I love it. The quality and finishing is excellent and the [faux] fur collar is lovely - feathery-soft and luxurious. The only *slight* downside is the hood is quite heavy." louloubelle2

"I've got a Charlie parka that does the job in autumn and spring. I didn't realise they sold different colour fur trims! Off to investigate now..." seefeld

"Very well made and the lining is lovely and soft. It's certainly in a league of its own and far nicer than anything else I've seen." ExConstance

Dyson DC58 Animal cordless vacuum cleaner


Price: £229.99 (or £179.99 when you trade in), Dyson

Mumsnetters say: "I have a Dyson DC58 Animal - I love it! I've got two flights of stairs and it's ideal for a quick clean up." MadisonAvenue

"My house has never been this clean - it’s just so easy to do a quick whiz round every evening (especially the stairs and under beds)." ontherightpath

"Dyson Dyson Dyson! To be fair, I haven't got any experience of others available, but I love my cordless Dyson." iwillbemrsminty

Salomon walking boots


Price: from £40, Cotswold Outdoor

Mumsnetters say: "I really like Salomon for a more lightweight boot." Rainatnight

"I have Salomon boots, as does my son, and my daughter has Merrells - both are excellent." TheFallenMadonna

"I've got Salomon boots too - really comfortable and staggeringly light. Oh, and waterproof too. If you get a pair of decent walking boots and some stretch walking trousers you won't go far wrong." Follyfoot

    10 February

    Blinc mascara

    Price: from £21.50, feelunique

    Mumsnetters say:"Last year I discovered tubing mascaras and I'll never go back to regular mascara again. It forms little tubes around your eye lashes - I love it." Iusedtosleepbeforehavingkids

    "I like the sleek glossiness of it, plus I really like the brush. Lengthens and defines well." PitPatKitKat

    "Blinc is amazing. If you use the primer too, you can build up your length and thickness before applying the mascara. Best of all, it comes off with water and pressure only, so you don't need make-up remover." Granard

    Karcher pressure washers

    Price: from £59, Amazon

    Mumsnetters say: "I bought a Karcher and then cleaned everything I could get near. It's wonderful on the paved driveway." Pipbin

    "My husband used a Karcher with the patio attachment to clean our block paved front path, as whatever was growing on it was slippery when wet. It looks great now." Pico2

    "Karchers are great fun. Faced with a Karcher and dirty paving, I like to start by writing rude words..." magimedi

    Ingrown Go

    Price: £8.54, Boots

    Mumsnetters say: "I get awful ingrown hairs after waxing my bikini line and this product does limit them. It doesn't completely get rid, but it definitely helps. It smells like strong salt and vinegar crisps though." Gemdiddly86

    "Yes to Ingrow Go. It smells vile but contains salicylic acid to exfoliate." ConesOfDunshire

    "Another vote for Ingrow Go - It's been a gift to my bikini line!" Nettletheelf

      3 February

      Aigle Parcours wellies

      Price: from £41.21, Amazon

      Mumsnetters say: "After being very disappointed with a pair of leaky Hunters, I got a pair of Aigle Parcours in the sale last year. They are so comfortable and warm and I wear them for a couple of hours a day, so definitely worth the money." Higge

      "Super duper wellies - warm and comfortable." YetAnotherNC

      "Another vote for the Aigle Parcours. I've had mine several years and they are fab (and they also fit my ample calves just fine). Not cheap but definitely an investment." Ninjawarrior1

      Super Facialist Vitamin C+ skincare

      Price: from £14.99, Boots

      Mumsnetters say: "I use the Vitamin C cleansing oil, serum and cream - they're lovely." Dreamqueen

      "The Vit C day cream is excellent and gives a nice subtle glow. In fact, everything I've tried from the whole range has been good." nothingwittyhere

      "I like the Vit C cleanser too and the Super Facialist Rose mask." evelynj

      Yaktrax snow grips

      Price: from £3.27, Amazon

      Mumsnetters say: "Yaktrax really are ace - I'm a complete chicken on ice, but these are great." Pootles2010

      "They're fab things - you just wear them over your normal boots/shoes. I'm terrified of falling over on the ice and snow but I just walk like normal in them." SirChenjin

      "Yes Yaktrax. I wouldn't walk in snow without them!" Wolfiefan

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