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31 August 

Hush modal ruched skirt


Price: £40, Hush

Mumsnetters say: "It's the most comfortable, flattering thing. I wish I'd known about it at the start of summer, not the end." needastrongone

"Ooh I love the ruched skirt! I got the green and the black - they're great. I always get compliments and feel fab in them." jelly10

"I have the Hush ruched skirt and have been complimented on it. It’s lovely." neveradullmoment99

Revlon ColorStay make-up


Price: £12.99, lookfantastic

Mumsnetters say: "Revlon ColorStay is the best I've found. Love it." 99percentchocolate

"I love ColorStay and it has good coverage." DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen

"I agree with Revlon ColorStay - it comes in a good range of shades, too." KatieTheVampireSlayer

Superdry hoodie


Price: from £34.99, Superdry

Mumsnetters say: "The warmest hoodie I have is my Superdry one - it's so warm I only wear it for camping!" MrsPeacockDidIt

"I bought a men's Superdry one - very cosy." marmiteloversunite

"It really keeps the wind out and comes in lots of nice colours." Sprintingforthefinnish

24 August 

Lancôme Hypnôse mascara


Price: from £23.50, Feel Unique

Mumsnetters say: "I swear by Lancôme Hypnôse. I've tried other, cheaper brands but end up binning them." PollyPerky

"I've worn Lancôme Hypnôse mascara for 20 years and it’s the only mascara I would ever use." augustusglupe

"Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes is the only thing I wear. It looks the same when I'm taking it off at night as when I applied it that morning." orangeistheonlyfruit

Newtons Foot Therapy chiropody sponge


Price: £2.35, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "The sponges are seriously brilliant."Lottapianos

"These are amazing. I've been scrubbing away and now I've got things that resemble feet - they haven't been this smooth in ages."Tessticklesyourfancy

"They are brilliant! And also work on bobbly upper arms." StealthPolarBear

MUA Cupcake blusher


Price: £1, Superdrug

Mumsnetters say: "MUA's blusher in Cupcake is only £1 and actually very good for the price." alafolie29

"I picked this up a couple of days ago and cannot believe it was only £1 and a really good colour." pinkieandperkie

"MUA Cupcake is brilliant for £1." DaftSkunk

17 August 

Fitbit activity tracker


Price: from £95.95, John Lewis

Mumsnetters say: "My Fitbit has been a godsend after having kids as it motivates me to get moving." sepa

"It makes me 'do something' - I feel quite a frisson of satisfaction when it buzzes on my wrist." holeinmyheart

"I've got a Fitbit Flex and I love it." PirateFairy45

Panache sports bra


Price: £40, Bravissimo

Mumsnetters say: "I wear a 28GG in the Panache sports bra. If I do the clip on the straps (to make it racerback) then nothing moves at all, so no need for a top with extra support." LtheWife

"I've been very happy with the Panache." AnguaResurgam

"Another Panache fan - I'm a 34F and it keeps everything rock solid." queribus

Camelbak Podium Chill bottle


Price: from £10.45, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "I love, love, love Camelbak bottles - definitely worth the money!" IHopeYouStepOnALegoPiece

"Camelbaks are the best! You can comfortably suck without biting." BeastofCraggyIsland

"I bought a Camelbak Podium Chill - it's fab and we now have three of them in different colours." CremeBrulee

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10 August 

Hype rucksack


Price: £24.99, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "Hype is by far the most popular brand for bags at my school." CodewordRochambeau

"They come in various colours/designs and seem to be on-trend at the moment." ILostItInTheEarlyNineties

"Hype rucksacks seem to be popular around here." Juicyfrooty

Next school shoes


Price: from £5, Next

Mumsnetters say: "My daughter's current pair of school shoes are from Next and they are probably the best ones we've had." Lovefromhull

"They look sturdy, and my daughter says they are comfy - I'll certainly buy from Next again." MeInHoney86

"We have had two pairs from Next this year for my daughter, replaced only due to growing feet. Really reasonable price too." Olivo

Tesco F&F reinforced knee trousers


Price: £6, Tesco

Mumsnetters say: "Tesco all the way with us! I even give my son's trousers and polo shirts to the school's second hand rack at the end of each year. His trousers have resisted mud." Knockmesideways

"I found Tesco trousers better than M&S this year, they also have toughened up knees." RoseDog

"Tesco here. Others don't seem to wash/wear as well." Gizlotsmum

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3 August 

Next tapered trousers


Price: from £8, Next

Mumsnetters say: "They are so comfy and go with everything. I always wear them when flying long-haul." JamieVardysParty

"I live in these, too. I hate the garish ones but Next do blue, black, grey and some more muted colours - they're perfect." ShelaghTurner

"They fit well if you size down. I have them in navy and black. They are so comfortable." misspym

SensatioNail starter kits


Price: £49.99, SensatioNail

Mumsnetters say: "I love my SensatioNail kit. Before I started doing gel nails I looked a mess but they are so easy to do now and always look nice." Marmaladeday

"I have the SensatioNail kit. I'm currently on day 12 with just two tiny chips, so I recommend it!" waceystills

"I love doing my nails in my own home: no appointments to make, I can have the radio on or watch TV while I'm doing it and don't have to make 'polite' conversation." IpreferToblerone

Numatic Henry HVR.200


Price: £99.99, Currys

Mumsnetters say: "After years 'getting by' with cheaper vacuums, I bought a Henry and it really, really is the best." BackforGood

"We had one in a flat we rented and it was really good." BendydickCuminsnatch

"Henrys are the only vacuums worth buying under £100." rabbit123

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