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27 April

Magic Eraser Sponges

Magic erasers

Price: from £5.25, Lakeland

Mumsnetters say: "Get lots of them. They cut through dirt in no time - even hard water grime in your bath, on your tiles and on your shower door." Mathanxiety

"Magic Erasers are good for marks on walls and woodwork." Kikibanana86

"Magic sponges - they really do remove marks that seem impossible to shift." wantmorenow

Instant Pot electric pressure cookers

Instant Pots

Price: from £109.99, Amazon

Mumsnetters say"I love mine. I use the pressure cooker feature at least five times a week and it's fantastic. I cooked a whole chicken in 25 minutes." jimblejambles

"You can use it as a slow cooker but it’s the pressure cooker feature that's so good. You can make a stew or casserole in 30 minutes, plus it works as a rice cooker, steamer and yoghurt maker. You can prove bread in it and make cheesecake too!" SmarterThanTheAverageBear16

"Instant Pot. My old slow cooker is literally just gathering dust now." MovingOnUpMovingOnOut

Astonish cleaning products

Astonish products

Price: from £1, Amazon

Mumsnetters say"I started cleaning my frankly filthy uPVC door with the oven cleaner yesterday and it worked amazingly! Then I moved on to grimy light switches and it worked a treat." Boozena

"I use a lot of Astonish products and find most of them fantastic. My favourite is the descaler for kettles and showerheads." Grumpyoldblonde

"I've been using the oven cleaner for years on ovens, burned pans, patio furniture... I got my dad some for his birthday as a bit of a joke, and he loved it so much that he went and bought ten pots of it. Astonishing stuff!" lonelymum72

    20 April 

    Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

    Chanel Les Beiges

    Price: from £32, John Lewis

    Mumsnetters say"I have tried loads of different foundations - seriously. I recently found Chanel Les Beiges and I love it. My search is over!" Cheshireblue

    "Chanel Les Beiges is fab stuff.” FerrisBueller1972

    "Agree with Chanel Les Beiges. Doubt I'll ever use anything else now!" Nabootique

    Nike Roshe trainers

    Nike trainers   

    Price: from £50, Office

    Mumsnetters say: "I have Nike Roshe trainers and I love them. They are extremely light and comfortable. I haven't worn any other shoes since I got them!" MrsBenWyatt

    "I love mine for casual wear. Very comfy and when they got grubby, I threw them in the washing machine and they were fine!" fiorentina

    "Love Nike Roshe as well. They're incredibly comfortable and have good arch support for my dodgy feet." leedy

    M&S Pull On Jeggings

    M&S Jeggings 

    Price: from £17.50, M&S

    Mumsnetters say"Despite the name, they are pretty fabulous. Black, perfect length, and they fit around my tum and legs - miracle." TheEmperorNotTheSalad

    "They're soft, comfy and have a decent high waist. Plus they come in tonnes of colours." NotWithoutMyMerkin

    "I lived in M&S Pull On Jeggings for eight months after my ELCS."  TeamEponine

      13 April

      Dyson cordless vacuum


      Price: from £149.99, John Lewis

      Mumsnetters say: "I've got a cordless Dyson. One of the things I hated about hoovering was the faff of plugging it in - now I can just pick it up and go. I now clean the stairs more often than the twice a year my parents come to visit." Spartak

      "I second the cordless Dyson, I'm a little bit in love with mine." TheCricketWidow

      "Another fan here. I have a pathological aversion to conventional hoovers, but I love my cordless Dyson." HarlettOScara

      Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop


      Price: £20, Amazon

      Mumsnetters say: "The mop is very easy to fill and not too heavy. My kitchen is fairly small but one refill of the handle lasts a good few weeks." WhoKnowsWhereTheT1meGoes

      "It fits really neatly in the cupboard and saves me carrying the bucket up and down." curluponthesofa

      "Bloody marvellous - I haven't had a mop and bucket out in years (I am quite lazy though)." RatOnnaStick

      Barbantia peg bag


      Price: £7.95, John Lewis

      Mumsnetters say: "I have a Brabantia peg basket, which is a huge improvement on the plastic carrier bag that I used before (with holes that the pegs would fall through)." Kidnapped

      "OMG, yes - Brabantia peg bags. They are great. We have two and clip them to diagonal corners of the rotary washing line - then you always have pegs within reach." PuntasticUsername

      "I love my Brabantia peg bag." 2rebecca

        6 April

        Joseph Joseph Wash & Drain washing-up bowl


        Price: from £25.99, John Lewis

        Mumsnetters say: "I love it! It makes washing up a pleasure. I look at it every day and appreciate how easy it is to use. I also have the sink tidy!" londonrach

        "They are divine!" Sunbeam18

        "I have the Joseph Joseph sink bowl, and lots of other JJ stuff, including the cleaning bucket, sink caddy, pan scrubbers, soap dispenser, draining boards... lots of joy." candykane25

        M&S comfy knickers


        Price: from £2.99, M&S

        Mumsnetters say: "M&S knickers - I wouldn't bother even trying anywhere else. They're so comfy and cover my bum properly - no slicing your cheeks in half." Lottapianos

        "Yes to M&S knickers! Whatever else they get right or wrong I still depend on their knickers!" keeponkeepinon

        "Yes to M&S comfy pants. I never buy underwear or socks/tights anywhere else." hollieberrie

        Kiehl's Midnight Recovery


        Price: from £24.50, John Lewis

        Mumsnetters say: "I use it and really like it. Not sure why exactly, but it's the one thing I keep buying again." CiderwithBuda

        "I have only tested it in store but it was a really nice consistency and it gets rave reviews. The ingredients are nice, although if you are sensitive it does have some strong essential oils in there like lavender." Nabootique

        "It's fabulous." OTheHugeManatee

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