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16 December

The White Company cashmere socks  

Price: £35, The White Company

Mumsnetters say: "The White Company ones are divine." MsBojangles

"They're beautifully soft but will wear out if you walk around in them too much. I like them because they're loose and slouchy, so you can kick them off in bed when you're half asleep!" bluesky

"There's some lovely pale pink ones, or a soft grey if pink's not her thing." WaggleBee

Woodwick candles

Price: From £16.99, Woodwick

Mumsnetters say: "Gorgeous candles, they crackle when lit and actually smell while burning." rosieliveson1

"Woodwick candles are fab - I love Cinnamon Chai." SpellBookandCandle

"Woodwick candles are better than Yankee <ducks and runs>." SlightlyAshamed1

Dubarry Galway boots

Price: £299, Cloggs

Mumsnetters say: "They're lovely - the best boots I've ever owned." TimeToMuskUp

"Yes, they're pricey - but worth their cost. Best. Boots. Ever. No more cold, wet feet!" Ememem84

"They're warm, waterproof and look even better with age. I've walked miles in mine and they're always comfy and never leak. They're in their eighth year now and still fab." Laska5772

San Leo Prosecco

Price: £7.79, Waitrose

Mumsnetters say: A nice prosecco for Christmas lunch? "San Leo from Waitrose often features in the 'best buy' ratings." BarbaraofSeville

"San Leo or Canti - yum!" Ridingthegravytrain

"San Leo Prosecco is on special offer at Waitrose at the moment (with a further reduction if you buy six bottles). As others have said, it's had excellent reviews and is a favourite of mine." OhGoveUckYourself

Jerusalem cookbook

Price: £18.36, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "Definitely Jerusalem. I have cooked a lot of the recipes and they've all been great. Plus, it's an interesting read." AxolotlRose

"I love Jerusalem. The book's worth it for the lamb shawarma alone, which I now make all the time." LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett

"Another vote for Jerusalem - great salads as well as warming risottos and stews." BlueMonday17

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

Price: £7.69, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "It totally worked for me - I've cleared out a whole room, kondoed all my clothes and books, as well as general piles of bits and pieces we had lying around. My house looks much better!" MadFestiveGnome

"Just devoured this book in a day - I can't wait to get started! So much of the advice seemed so sensible that I can't understand why I haven't got rid of things before." Lady84

"I'm now only surrounded by things I actually want, and I'm much more aware of what I buy and bring into the house." KondoAttitude

9 December

Lily-Flame Christmas candles  

Price: £9,

Mumsnetters say: "I LOVE my Lily-Flame Silent Night candle - it's burning now. I only use it at Christmas as it's a special edition. It's not too sweet, but delicious." Wombat87

"Lily-Flame candles are amazing and they do a triple pack of Christmas scents." jamtartandcustard

"I second Silent Night and also like Snow Fall - gorgeous little candles." y0rkier0se

Argentinian Malbec

Price: £10.39, Waitrose

Mumsnetters say: "A really good red wine? Argentinian Malbec, every time!" NiNoKuni

"As mentioned, an Argentinian Malbec." AdoraBell

"Another vote for Argentinian Malbec." sodabreadjam

The Box of Delights book

Price: £6.74, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "My partner reads The Box of Delights to me. We start early enough so we are reading the ending on Christmas Eve." ThinkAboutItTomorrow

"The Box of Delights - so Christmassy! I have the BBC DVD too." toddlerwrangling

"The Box of Delights and The Dark is Rising are both lovely, comforting, big hugs of a read." marshmallowpies

2 December

Disney Animator Frozen Dolls  

Price: From £24.97, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "I love the Disney Animator Dolls. I bought the tiny ones that come in a case with other bits and pieces." StompyFreckles

"My daughters (aged two and four) are getting the Disney Animator Dolls for Christmas. I think they'll like them as they're child versions of Elsa and Anna, rather than the adults. They are larger than I expected though." attheendoftheday

"My daughter has toddler Elsa and adores her. The doll doesn't do anything, but is a decent size to play with in a dolls' buggy/crib and durable so far." SlurplePurple

DesignaFriend Dolls  

Price: From £19.99, Amazon 

Mumsnetters say: "My eight-year-old daughter has one and loves it." Mossend

"My daughter has three - I think they're lovely. She's starting to grow out of them now but played with them a lot when we bought them for her." BlackHillsofDakota

"They are nicely made and come with a charm bracelet. Every future purchase then has a charm to add to the bracelet. The outfits come packaged in boxes with tissue paper which is a lovely touch." JimmyCorkhill

The Story of Holly and Ivy book

Price: From £10.25, Book Depository

Mumsnetters say: "My absolute favourite Christmas book is The Story of Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden." Sadik

"Perfect for a seven-year-old and, if younger children don't need pictures, they would probably enjoy it too." Robertaquimby

"It was recommended on here and I bought it last year. It is a proper chapter book with few illustrations so has quite a grown-up feel to it. Very touching story!" EmGee

The Jolly Christmas Postman book   

Price: £8.33, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "We've got The Jolly Christmas Postman for our three-year-old this year." Bellejournee

"The Jolly Christmas Postman is lovely if you can find a copy." Sadik

"My children love Stick Man, The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas and The Jolly Christmas Postman." Trudee

Playmobil Volcano and Dinosaur set   

Price: £43.99, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "My son has a Playmobil Volcano with some dinosaurs - it's a firm favourite!" Snoopadoop

"My son loves his Playmobil Volcano with dinosaurs and he also has one of the Dragon Castles." Tournesol

"Playmobil Volcano or Pirate Ship have been most popular with my son over the last few years." WhatWouldTheDoctorDo

Playmobil Campervan


Price: £36.99, Amazon

Mumsnetters say: "The Playmobil Campervan is a great start to a Playmobil collection!" OSETmum

"Love the Campervan." Justmuddlingalong

"I have girls and the Campervan, the Pool and the Horse Stables are the most played with by far." Littlemousewithcloggson

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