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Brazilian Hair Straightening Keratin Treatment Kit

Brazilian Hair Straightening Keratin Treatment Kit



"It's brilliant stuff, and no formaldehyde. It's a bit of a faff having it put on, but the benefits are so worth it. I have mad frizzy curly hair that I straighten, and without the treatment it takes me an hour to wash and get my hair looking OK. With this, it's 10 mins max to get it looking fabulous." Sunshinandflowers
"It's amazing, although the results only lasted six weeks for me, rather than the three months that is touted. It's good value, even for six weeks of gorgeous, easy-to-style hair. Keratin Kits made it feel like actual, normal hair, soft and swishy. Oh, and I applied it myself. It wasn't hard at all." JazzDelak
"I used it a couple of months ago and it was amazing, my hair was all shiny, straight and smooth." StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes

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