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Brabantia bins

Brabantia bins



"I bought a Brabantia bin in stainless steel a few weeks ago, and I love it. And from reading Mumsnet I have discovered that if parts break you can phone Brabantia and they will replace the parts free of charge, so it may work out cheaper in the long run." crockydoodle

"I have a Brabantia bin that is now 15 years old. I have replaced the lid catch once and they sent me a free one. I would buy one again." Dexter73

"They are definitely worth the money for the guarantee and quality. We have one with a flat back, so it sits against the wall." ggirl

"We have a 50l Brabantia bin in chrome, and it's been worth the price. The catch broke on the lid after a few years, but I emailed them and they sent us out a new lid free of charge." Hulababy


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