How much are we spending on Christmas gifts for teachers?

Parents spend an average of £9.00 on Christmas presents for teachers, with one in ten (9%) spending £25.00 or more, according to a new Mumsnet survey of over 1,000 site users with at least one child in primary school

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However, nearly a fifth (18%) say they spend nothing on Christmas presents because they don't think it's necessary. A further 4% think the the teacher's salary is reward enough.

The list of the most popular festive presents shows that parents are going for safe staples, or getting out the crafting materials at home. The most frequently given gifts are:

  • chocolates (25%)

  • something handmade by the child (14%)

  • alcohol (12%)

  • something handmade by the parent (8%)

  • toiletries (7%)

The majority of parents (65%) say they give presents because they like to show appreciation, and nearly eight out of ten (79%) say that their child enjoys giving their teacher a gift. But when it comes to guessing other parents' motivations, a cynical 45% believe that some enjoy the one-upmanship of buying the best present.   

8% buy presents simply because they don't want to look mean, and one in eight (12%) have felt pressured to contribute more than they'd budgeted for to a class collection.  

Mumsnet Founder, Justine Roberts, said: 'Rather like the rules of tipping, the unwritten code about buying presents for teachers can trip some parents up, and leave others feeling vaguely resentful - but most are appreciative of teachers' efforts and happy to give small gifts.'

See the full survey results.

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