Parents and teachers want SATS scrapped - but children don't: three-way survey with Mumsnet, First News and TES

SATS may be unpopular with parents and teachers, but new surveys published by Mumsnet, First News, and the TES today reveal a more complex picture

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Three new surveys of school children, parents and teachers show that teachers and parents are strongly in favour of scrapping primary school SATS tests (sat by thousands of Year 6 pupils in English schools this week) - but that school children themselves disagree.
A survey of teachers by TES showed 89% are in favour of stopping SATS, and a survey of parents on Mumsnet showed 68% agreeing that the controversial tests should be scrapped. But 56% of the school children surveyed by children’s newspaper First News thought that SATS should not be stopped.
As pupils, parents and teachers across England unwind after months of work focused on the Year 6 tests - and with reports that they were particularly challenging this year - it seems that children are more accepting of the testing regime than the adults around them.
Nicky Cox MBE, Editor at First News, said: "Our survey shows that children are more capable of taking things in their stride than the adults around them sometimes think."
Justine Roberts, Mumsnet Founder, said: "Parents on Mumsnet are, on the whole, worried that SATS cause stress and a narrowing of horizons. They understand the need for schools to be benchmarked and pupils’ progress measured, but they’re not convinced the current regime is the best way. That children disagree is both reassuring and no surprise - we’re used to our kids endlessly contradicting us."
Ann Mroz, Digital Publishing Director & TES Editor, said: "It is a very long time since we’ve had a Sats season as controversial as this one. The new tests have proved contentious to say the least, and it comes as no surprise, therefore, that teachers are keen to see them scrapped.

"Overwhelmingly teachers recognise that assessment and internal testing are needed to measure pupil progress, but for most of them 2016’s newly toughened high-stakes external tests go too far.

"And as we have seen this week, the system is being tested to the limit this year too, so trust is being eroded further."
Survey of 987 First News readers, 1583 Mumsnet users and 1600 teachers and school leaders; the surveys ran between 5 May and 9 May 2016. 

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