Mumsnetters forsee a cute kid at the heart of the 2016 John Lewis Christmas advert 

In an effort to get themselves into the pre-pre-pre-Christmas mood, Mumsnet users have trained their collective gimlet eye on the central event in any British Christmas: the unveiling of the John Lewis Christmas ad.

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In a survey of 1000 users, parents on Mumsnet have collectively predicted the form, characters and plot of this year's advertisement, picking the elements that they think are most likely to feature in the upcoming blockbuster.

According to the most popular predictions, the ad will consist of a 'cute kid' (predicted by 17%) in a 'chaotic family household' (28%) with the message being 'a simple appreciation of Christmas and all that it means' (31%). The soundtrack will be a 'tearjerker' (22%) and the overall tone will be 'sentimental' (18%). And the predicted duration is a very specific 2 minutes 12 seconds.

The second most likely combination is believed to be 'someone who badly wants to get home in time for Christmas' travelling through 'an icy snowscape' in 'a triumphant overcoming of the odds', accompanied by a 'well-loved song'; the overall tone would be 'hellbent on making viewers cry'.

The least likely scenario, according to Mumsnet users, is that the opus would be set in 'a dystopian nightmare' (2%), deploying a 'celebrity' (1%) to extol 'the importance of cooperative labour practices' (4%), all played out to a 'brass band soundtrack'(4%). The overall tone, perhaps unsurprisingly, would be 'confusing' (1%).

Mumsnet CEO Justine Roberts said: 'Many retailers' Christmas ads portray dads as incompetent children and mothers as responsible for every seasonal task bar carving the turkey. John Lewis ads may be a bit too sugary for some, but at least - on past form - they mostly avoid perpetuating boring boring stereotypes.'

See the full survey results here.

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