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Home Front was a national debate, supported by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, about what parents need to make their lives easier.

It was launched in July 2008 by Mumsnet and Dad Info, and a total of 3,549 mums and dads completed our online survey to discover:

  • The problems parents are facing trying to manage their home and work responsibilities
  • What needs to change in terms of government policies and employers' attitudes to solve these problems

The results of the survey and final Home Front report are now available in pdf form to download.




The key points are:

  • 86% of mums and 83% of dads want some form of flexible working
  • 71% of dads and 68% of mums say their family doesn't have the working arrangement they would prefer

Mums and dads say they need:

  • Longer and better paid leave for fathers, including self-employed fathers
  • Paid leave for either parent after the birth of a child, replacing extended maternity leave with a form of paid parental leave that either parent could take
  • Flexible working for all, not just parents
  • A culture of shared care where both parents are seen as responsible for their children, not just mothers
  • High-quality affordable childcare, in particular after-school and holiday care for school age children; childcare for parents working non-traditional hours; childcare for children with special needs; improved childcare voucher scheme; greater flexibility about who can be paid with childcare tax credit

What next?

  • The Government is 'reviewing' its plans to extend the right to request flexible working to all parents of children under 16 and to extend paid maternity leave from 39 to 52 weeks but, as the Home Front report concludes, for families trying to survive the recession flexible working will be more important than ever.
  • Use the Talk Home Front discussion forum to keep adding your thoughts about what needs to happen to make mums' and dads' lives work better.
  • The EHRC will publicise its Working Better policy proposals early in 2009.


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