Halloween: would you rather it didn't exist?

A Mumsnet survey has revealed that even though three quarters of parents say they celebrate Halloween, a third would be happy if it didn't exist

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Halloween: more trick than treat?

We asked more than 1000 parents how they felt about Halloween, and found that one in six hate the holiday. Two thirds said that they don't like their kids wandering around in the dark - but one in three agreed that their children love trick-or-treating, so they tolerate it.

Other reasons given by Mumsnet users for disliking Halloween were the 'tricks' such as eggs being put through the letterbox (27%) and the hassle of having to organise costumes for children (12%).  

31% of parents described the festival as a commercial non-event, and 57% say they hate their kids stuffing themselves with mountains of sweets.  A fifth simply turn off the lights, close the curtains and pretend they’re not in when trick or treaters come calling.

Mumsnet CEO Justine Roberts said: "With killer clowns sweeping the nation, parents seem to be somewhat alienated by Halloween references to horror memes, anxious about trick-or-treating, and concerned about the sheer quantity of sugar involved. Meanwhile children increasingly seem to regard it as second only to Christmas in the calendar of festivities."

View the full results from our survey of parents' attitudes to Halloween

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Last updated: about 4 years ago