Everyone likes long summer holidays - even parents

According to surveys by Mumsnet, First News and TES, most parents, children and teachers are in favour of the six-week summer break from school

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Three new surveys of school children, parents and teachers showed appreciation for the long school summer holidays - even among parents, who can struggle to find adequate childcare.

The survey by TES showed 79% of teachers don't think the summer holidays are too long - and 85% of the school children questioned by children's newspaper First News thought that there was nothing wrong with having five or six weeks off school in one joyous lump.

But, perhaps slightly more surprisingly, 61% of parents asked by Mumsnet said that the holidays are fine as they are, with only 34% thinking they're too long.

Pupils and parents alike spoke about the stress experienced by children at school, and about the value of an extended break.

"We work for months and months with only a couple of weeks' break at a time and we need a form of a 'reset' to relax and get ready for the next year. Holidays in the middle of the school year are filled with homework and stress about my subjects. Summer is my chance to calm down," said Rebecca, age 14, speaking to First News.

One parent in the Mumsnet survery felt that the summer holidays mean, "You 'get them back' in a way you don't over the other holidays. They become themselves again - not exhausted and grumpy."

Keilly Swift, Managing Editor at First News, said: "The survey clearly shows that by the time they reach the summer holidays, children are tired out and in need of a rest. They really do value the chance to take a break from homework and develop extracurricular interests they simply don't have time to pursue during term-time."

Justine Roberts, Mumsnet Founder said, "School holidays can create headache-inducing (and horribly expensive) childcare dilemmas, but nevertheless our survey suggests that parents recognise their children's need to unclench. Kids' time is often relentlessly timetabled, and Mumsnet users value the kind of languorous boredom and space for creativity that only long holidays can provide."

Survey of 630 First News readers, 1376 Mumsnet users (with a child aged 4 and over) and 1200 teachers and school leaders, run between June and July 2016.

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