Mumsnet Bounty survey: 2012-2013 results

We undertook a survey to look into people's experiences of Bounty representatives and the company, while in post-natal care at NHS hospitals.  Here are the results of that survey.

In May 2012 Bounty issued a code of conduct for its Bounty representatives working on maternity wards. These survey results are from respondents who gave birth since 1st May 2012. 


Responses 24th May - 7th June 2013; 1020 respondents; data based on all those who gave birth since 1st May 2012.

Mumsnet Bounty Survey May - June 2013


Q1. Please tell us when you last gave birth in an NHS hospital ... Please answer the survey thinking about this birth.
Answer Options Response Percent      
In 2012 but on or after 1 May 2012 58%      
In 2013 42%      
Q2. Thinking about the last time you gave birth in a UK hospital, were you approached by or did you have any contact with a Bounty representative?
Answer Options Response Percent      
Yes 80%      
No 19%      
Don't know/ Can't remember 1%      
Q3. Please tell us what you were offered or given by the Bounty representative (tick everything that applies). (Base: all who had had contaxt with a Bounty rep)
Answer Options Response Percent      
The Bounty rep/photographer offered to take my baby's photograph 54%      
The Bounty rep/photographer took my baby's photograph 18%      
The Bounty rep asked for personal details for the Bounty database 70%      
The Bounty rep gave me a Child Benefit claims form, no Bounty Pack 2%      
The Bounty rep gave me a Bounty Pack, including a Child Benefit form 77%      
The Bounty rep gave me a Bounty Pack, no Child Benefit form 7%      
I wasn't given or offered anything 1%      
I can't remember 2%      
Other (please specify) 8%      
Q4. Would you agree or disagree with the following statements other people have made about their experiences with Bounty representatives on post-natal wards? 
Answer Options Agree Disagree Can't remember Not applicable/ Not stated
I was happy with the Bounty rep's visit overall 42% 52% 4% 2%
I felt pressured to have my baby's photograph taken 29% 42% 3% 26%
I was happy to provide my personal details 28% 59% 4% 9%
I was given the impression that I could not claim Child Benefit if I did not give my personal details to the Bounty rep 17% 65% 6% 12%
I felt that the Bounty rep invaded my privacy 56% 41% 2% 2%
The Bounty rep tried to obtain my personal details by other means (looking at notes, talking to a family member) without my permission 5% 83% 5% 7%
The Bounty rep came at a convenient time for me and my baby 35% 55% 8% 2%
The Bounty rep did not leave when I asked him/her to 5% 70% 2% 23%
Q5. Did the Bounty rep... (Base: all who had had contact with a Bounty rep)
Answer Options Yes No Can’t remember NA: Giving details was not discussed/ Not stated
a) explain that it was giving your details was voluntary? 17% 48% 20% 14%
b) explain that your details would be passed on to other companies (unless you opted out)? 8% 60% 19% 14%
Q6. Overall, would you say you were happy or unhappy with the Bounty rep's visit? (Base: all those who had had contaxt with a Bounty rep)        
Answer Options Response Percent      
Happy 30%      
Unhappy 56%      
Don't know/ Not stated 14%      
Q7. Do you think it is acceptable or unacceptable for NHS hospitals to allow representatives of commercial companies to interact directly with patients on wards in order to gather data and further their business objectives?
Answer Options Response Percent      
Acceptable 11%      
Unacceptable 82%      
Don't know/ Not stated 7%      
Q8. According to one Mumsnetter, following a Freedom of Information request, her hospital revealed that it was paid £5 by Bounty for each baby photographed, and £1 for each set of patient data collected. Do you think these are reasonable amounts for hospitals to be paid for this access?
Answer Options Not reasonable - seems like too much for hospital to receive Not reasonable - seems like too little for hospital to receive Seems about right The amount is irrelevant - I don't think hospitals should allow sales reps access to wards at all
Fee for photos (£5) 4% 3% 11% 81%
Fee for patient data (£1) 3% 5% 9% 82%
Q9. Some people say they'd be willing to pay the hospital £5 directly if it ensured that they would not be approached by a Bounty rep. Would you (have been) willing to do this or not?
Answer Options Response Percent      
I would be willing to pay £5 to ensure no approach from Bounty rep 16%      
I would not be willing to pay £5 to ensure no approach from Bounty rep 84%      
Not stated 0%      
Q10. If you received a post-natal Bounty pack, how would you rate the contents?
Answer Options Response Percent      
Excellent - useful and interesting 3%      
OK - some bits were useful 41%      
Poor - not much of use inside 53%      
Don't know/can't remember 3%      
Q11. Which of the following best applies to you regarding the Bounty mailing list after the birth? (Base: All expressing an opinion)
Answer Options Response Percent      
I/we have asked to be removed and didn't hear from them again 12%      
I/we asked to be removed and I/we carried on receiving communication 10%      
I have never asked to be removed 48%      
I didn't know I could ask to be removed 30%      
Q12. Was the birth you've answered about ...        
Answer Options Response Percent      
Your first birth? 48%      
Your second birth? 36%      
Your third or subsequent birth? 15%      


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