Mumsnet surveys

We're always keen to know your thoughts on important issues - and it's no secret that newspapers, magazines and political parties are really rather keen to know, too

So, because we think Mumsnetters' views should be listened to and mulled over and acted on by the great and the good, we often conduct surveys to canvass your opinions on the topics du jour.

Here's a little collection of the surveys we've done most recently (with links through to the results) so you can see what you've told us about issues including smacking, swine flu vaccinations and Christmas spending.






Smart phones in schools (October)

Grammar schools survey (September)


MORI report - The Blame Game? Which generation has the best quality of life? (December)

New Year's resolutions survey (December)

Christmas TV ad survey (October)

Postnatal depression survey (October)

Bumpfest survey: The truth about pregnancy and childbirth (July)

Baby names survey (July)

Chores survey (July)

Mumsnet Jobs and the 'Motherhood penalty' survey on women's careers (May) 

Primary admissions survey (April)

Housing and rent survey (April)

Mumsnet & Gransnet childcare survey - Mumsnet's page (February)

Mumsnet & Gransnet childcare survey - Gransnet's page (February)


Family Friendly paternity leave survey (November)

Family Friendly working survey (November)

MORI Report - All To Play For (September)

Chores survey (July)

Miscarriage survey (June)

Political culture survey (May)


Family Friendly survey: Unfamily-friendly Britain (November)

MORI Report - The Women Problem (September)

Feminism survey (August)

Bounty survey (June)

Family meals survey (January)


State of the Union car survey (July)

State of the Union beauty survey (June)

Family Friendly childcare survey (June)

We Believe You survey (March)


Sex education survey (November)

IPS survey for Parliamentary Inquiry (September)

Miscarriage survey (September)

Family Friendly companies survey (July)

Family Friendly Parliament survey (April)


New Year's resolutions survey (December)

Lad's mags survey (November)

Doulas survey (April)


Breastfeeding support survey (November)

Swine flu vaccination follow-up survey (October)

Swine flu vaccination survey (August)

Pregnancy survey (August)

Term-time holidays survey (June)

Toddlers survey (January)


Christmas stress survey (December)

Christmas spending in the credit crunch survey (November)

Smacking survey (October)

Postnatal depression survey (October)

Homework survey (September)

Home Front: what do mums and dads need to make life work? (August)

Working women's work-life balance survey (July)

Sleep survey (March)

Body image survey (February)

Children and the internet survey (February)

Motherhood and childhood survey

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