Ways to get the most fun out of the summer holidays

Ah, the summer hols - sometimes a bit stressful, but always over too soon. Here's how to get every last ounce of fun out of your family's time off

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1. Technology is your friend


"We use the Pacer app to count steps to encourage the children to come out walking. We have an informal competition as to who can do the most steps in a day and then we add them up over the week. The winner gets to choose a small treat."

2. Honestly, trust us on this


"I never thought I'd say this but the Pokemon Go game is such a hit with the whole family. Forget it being Pokemon - it is just like an outside treasure hunt and I am loving engaging with my kids and us all being outside!"

3. Old school is cool, too

"We're taking part in the reading challenge through our local library. We pick a book and either read it together or listen to the audiobook when travelling in the car. We then talk about the story, maybe watch the film (if there is one) and chat about what we've learned. We're currently working our way through David Walliams' books which are hilarious for all ages."

4. Never underestimate the power of TREASURE

"Treasure hunts have always gone down a treat - we make a checklist of things to try to spot."

5. Get posh nosh for less dosh

"We like to keep things cheap and cheerful, and try and limit our costs to travel and one meal out. We always check in advance for vouchers and discount deals - PizzaExpress always has good ones."

6. And plan ahead to trim costs

"The biggest tip that works for us is planning ahead - everything from discount vouchers to taking a picnic to avoid rip-off attraction prices. Ditto for car-parking!"

7. Do not fear the journey (too much)

"If going out for the day or doing an activity, include getting there as part of the fun. Even though the car is usually the easiest way of getting around, I try to walk or go on public transport when I can. My children have had a 'day out' to the shopping centre which involved a ride on a bus, tram and train! They loved it - and it took up half the day but hardly cost anything!"

8. Upgrade 'going for a walk' to 'geocaching'

"Geocaching is great for kids. It gets you out into the fresh air, exploring areas you may never have been to before. There are geocaches everywhere so you can incorporate it into any day out."

9. Sneak in some learning

"Car journeys or walks can be turned into an opportunity to practice times tables or maths problems, and using a simple map to mark off different places visited gives the kids an idea of where they have travelled."

10. Scrapbooks are ace, by the way

"When mine were younger they liked to collect souvenirs from days out in the holidays and stick them all in a scrap book; tickets, photos, shells, postcards etc."

11. Go retro: actually print your photos 


"We try to remember to print any photos we take. Either the kids can help to create collages online, or we order the prints and they can put them in an album. It means they can relive all the fun they had."


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