Family summer

Laters, school run – hey there, endless days stretching out before you.

But fear not – Mumsnetters have got your back; fully versed on everything from pulling together the perfect picnic to how to win at theme parks. Here's to six weeks of F.U.N.


Free fun

summer fun

Summer holidays can be a serious drain on the family budget. Here are 22 ways to have fun that won't break the bank.

How to make the most of family days out

kid with sunglasses

Ah, the summer hols – sometimes a bit stressful, but always over too soon. Here's how to get every last ounce of fun out of your family's time off.

Styling it out

summer dress

Looking hot stuff when you're feeling sweaty is a tough ask – but Mumsnetters are, of course, up to the challenge.

Summer snacks


From perfect picnics to banging barbecues – if you're after a summer recipe, you'll find a great one here. You're WELCOME.

Days out with the kids


Whether you fancy pottering to the park or attempting a full theme park operation – find fun ideas for family days out this summer.

Under canvas with kids


Camping with kids can provide some, ahem, unique challenges – and there really is no better time to channel your inner Boy Scout and be prepared.

Family festivals


Festivals can be brilliant events to take kids to – but you'll want to follow Mumsnetters' tips for having the best possible experience.

Seasonal spending


Whether at home or away, the summer holidays can wreak havoc with any family's budget. Here's how to keep a rein on expenses.

My big fat Mumsnet wedding

alt here

With wisdom distilled from MANY, many (really, so many) threads – find out how to have the elusive wedding that both you AND your guests will enjoy.

Holiday health and safety

Because nothing puts an end to the party like a trip to A&E. There's no need to panic – just read up to get clued up.

Not letting their brains turn to mush


From best new picture books to page-turners guaranteed to grip even the most reluctant of readers, here's our pick of what's on the shelves this summer.

"I'm bored!"


Channel your inner Mary Poppins and suggest one of these delightful ways to pass the time. Plus, if you need help getting your child outdoors, Mumsnetters have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Summer car journeys


All going on a summer holiday? No more worries for a week or two – or the journeys either side, with this essential info.

In flight

Travelling with small children anywhere is stressful, but airports seem the worst of the bunch. Here's how to make it plane sailing

At the pictures

Blockbusters, arty foreign films and everything in between – find out what to see at your nearest cinema over the summer.

The anti-Ross fake tan guide (and then some)

If summer means nothing for you but the terrifying prospect of revealing bare skin and feet, let Mumsnetters buff you up an absolute treat.