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Wedding outfit guide


Woman trying do decide between two dressesThis is the kicker, isn't it? How to look gorgeous from every angle (damn that photographer) at someone else's day-long party, in an outfit that will allow for wrangling with - and possibly even feeding - small children as well as dancing the night away.

A miracle frock that will allow you to leap across lawns to prevent aforesaid infants from diving into fountains, a frock that will not show up the inevitable spillages and that, most important of all, you will feel like you in? A taller you, perhaps a little slimmer and more composed you, but still you...

Meh, it doesn't exist.

However, it should comfort you to know that on the Mumsnet Style & Beauty Talk board, the wedding outfit is the one that causes the most stress. So as you look round the congregation, do bear in mind that everyone else has felt the same way. It's just a party.

Is the wedding reception indoor or outdoor?

Is there going to be grass? Spiky heels, ladies, are out, unless you are planning to make the gardeners happy and aereate the lawn. Fortunately, there has been no shortage of wedges in the shops in recent years, but who knows when fashions may change so it really is worth investing in a pair of neutrals for the future.

If the wedding is in the UK, summertime is no guarantee of fine weather, so it may be smart to think about wind and rain when you are planning your outfit. Florals are fun on the greyest day, but be careful of the dreaded white dress. There will be daggers if people suspect you of trying to outshine the bride.

You might be invited to the evening event only, which generally means that things will get dressier. Nothing too funereal, of course, it's a celebration, but if you are guided by what you would wear to a night at the theatre, you should be fine.

But we want to be better than fine, don't we? That's where accessories come in. Beg, borrow or steal the most beautiful bits and bobs you can get your claws on and slam them on.

Essential Mumsnet tips on wedding outfits

  • Dresses

Wrap dresses are pretty much the wedding stand-by, if the Mumsnet Talk boards are anything to go by. Pattern is good, if the dress is cut nicely. As with everything, you must try them on.

"It's the cut of it - they'll look at the V and then at your legs!" prettybird

If you are lucky enough to like your arms, a sleeveless tunic dress, in block colour, will look awesome dressed up with massive jewellery, but do remember to check what you look like sitting down. A column dress that looks fantastic standing up can 'fill up' rather when seated, and there is that blasted photographer to consider.

  • Trousers

Of course, people do wear trousers to weddings but one must guard against the 'I'm just out of the office' look. Softness is key, if you could wear it to work then, sorry, no, it's not suitable.

Elegant palazzo trousers, perhaps teamed with a floaty, sleeveless top, look good, but too much top and bottom together can swamp.

  • Hats

As for hats, well, there is no substitute for asking your Real Life friends. We can only assume that poor, poor Princess Beatrice forgot to do this. Fascinators were de rigueur for a while but proper, constructed headpieces seem to be back in fashion, particularly off the top of a pillbox on the forehead.

As to how they stay on, Mumsnetter cyb has an opinion: "I reckon they attach with those suckers that you lick and press really hard. They leave a red circle when you take them off."

Mumsnet tips on wedding outfits and breastfeeding

That is to say, if babies haven't been banned from the event altogether. (That's the sort of thing that people hardly ever mention on the boards of MN, by the way. Seriously, you should have a look.)

  • "How about a wrap dress and big pashmina to cover up and feed underneath?" luvaduck

  • "I wore a lovely 50s-style shirt dress to a wedding when I was breastfeeding. Full skirt, high heels and a jacket. Pattern to hide the vom and bogies." BroccoliSpears

  • "Wrap dresses are good. And shirt dresses. Or a pretty blouse with nice skirt or trousers. If maternity bras are a problem (don't always look that great under nice clothes), strapless and multiway bras work well when breastfeeding." missbumpy

  • "Maxi dress with pashmina (type thing) over the top, covers arms and squashed in/falling out boobies. Don't you wish sometimes you could wear a burqa? <sigh>" friendcat

And if it's burqa advice you are after, do visit Mumsnet Style & Beauty Talk board. No really, do.  

Last updated: over 3 years ago