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Sanctuary Spa: The Mumsnet Edit

Santuary Spa most-loved products

Who needs a spa day when you can make pampering part of your daily routine? With Mumsnetters' favourite Sanctuary Spa products, you'll be cleansed, polished and relaxed in no time. From luxurious Shower Bursts to super hydrating Facial Oils, shop Sanctuary bodycare and skincare with Mumsnetters’ seal of approval below.

Wet Skin Moisture Miracle

<h3><a href=“xxx”>Wet Skin Moisture Miracle</a></h3>

Forget time-consuming beauty routines – Mumsnetters love Wet Skin Moisture Miracle for its speediness and simplicity. Just rub the lotion on to wet skin post-shower, then towel off as normal for the quickest, easiest and most effective way to moisturise. One Mumsnetter confirmed: “It’s super quick and super easy – I was very impressed!” Not only did users “definitely notice a difference” after using the product, they found that “the smoothness really seemed to last throughout the day too”. Another Mumsnetter has been waxing lyrical, “the Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle is really what it says- a miracle. I loved it!”

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Classic Body Wash

<h3><a href=“xxx”>Classic Body Wash</a></h3>

It's no wonder this body wash is one of Sanctuary Spa’s bestsellers. Loaded with essential oils for a lovely, refreshing scent, along with jojoba beads which will leave your skin “feeling all soft and smooth” – it really is a classic with a bit of added luxury.

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Salt Scrub

<h3><a href=“xxx”>Salt Scrub</a></h3>

Now if you want really soft skin, your first step should always be exfoliation. The Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub combines dead sea salts and nourishing oils for the ultimate skin treat and is praised for being “gorgeous” and smelling “lovely” (also v important). One Mumsnetter shares her method for perfectly polished skin: “I use it on dry skin then soak it off in the bath. No need for moisturiser afterwards and it smells heavenly.”

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White Lily Damask Rose Body Lotion and Body Wash

<h3><a href=“xxx”>White Lily Damask Rose Body Lotion and Body Wash</a></h3>

We’ve heard a LOT of good things about this lovely White Lily & Damask Rose fragrance from Sanctuary Spa. One fan is so “totally in love” with the scent that she’s “actually trying to find a perfume that will go with it.” While a less easily convinced convert admits, “I didn’t think I’d like it as floral scents aren’t my thing, but I adore it!”

The flowery undertones in the Body Wash are said to linger long after you've finished your daily shower. And if you've long been searching for a Body Lotion which absorbs quickly but lasts all day long, this uplifting offering from Sanctuary Spa might just be the answer.

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Hot Cloth Cleanser

<h3><a href=“xxx”>Hot Cloth Cleanser</a></h3>

Hot cloth cleansing leaves skin hydrated, polished and deeply cleansed – great if you’re prone to break-outs or blemishes. This Sanctuary Cleanser earns applause for being “lovely and creamy, without being too heavy” and comes with a muslin cloth for easy and gentle exfoliation. One devotee affirms, “I notice a difference in my skin if I stop using it.”

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Long Lasting Moisture Shower Burst/ Detoxifying Charcoal Shower Burst

<h3><a href=“xxx”>Long Lasting Moisture Shower Burst/ Detoxifying Charcoal Shower Burst</a></h3>

Are you after a luxurious, soothing shower or an invigorating cleanse? Whether you want to moisturise or detoxify, there’s a Sanctuary Spa Shower Burst to fit the bill. The foaming gels build into a rich, fluffy lather for a seriously luxurious cleanse. As this Mumsnetter professed: “I love Sanctuary products and this was no exception!”

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Four-Day Long Lasting Moisture Oil Scrub

<h3><a href=“xxx”>Four-Day Long Lasting Moisture Oil Scrub</a></h3>

Exfoliate and hydrate in one multitasking swoop for “skin like a baby’s bum, and no need to moisturise either”. Sound good? For best results, put the scrub on dry skin, and “really go to town” Then jump in the shower and rinse off to reveal smooth skin which'll stay moisturised for up to four days.

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Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil

<h3><a href=“xxx”>Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil</a></h3>

This 99% organic facial oil is designed to not only hydrate your skin after cleansing, but also to protect it from the elements. Packed with a blend of essential oils, It can be used alone, paired with your night cream for added hydration, or even used to treat yourself to a luxurious facial massage. Two drops are said to be as effective as a day cream 5 times the price and that’s all that is required for dewy, youthful-looking skin – no wonder one Mumsnetter described it as “one of the few things I repurchase.”

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