Good pants guide


Knickers on washing lineWhether it's Clyde-built, cast-iron upholstery to tame the most voluptuous figure or be-ribboned wisps of silk designed for wafting towards the bedroom, let the MN Style & Beauty crew by your guide to the best pants.

And remember, whatever Mumsnetters recommend, the most important nether garments on MN will always be Judgey Pants.

Control pants

There is a school of thought that the rubberised suck-suit that is the control pant merely forces lumps and bumps elsewhere (and who wants a lumpy, bumpy armpit?) but judging by the rave reviews on the Mumsnet Talk boards, breathing in a shallow fashion for an entire evening is a fine exchange for a bit of smoothing and toning.

One Mumsnetters, Nikki1978, is a hard-core wearer, advising: "Always buy a size smaller unless you are in the top of the range for the size they recommend or they are no good in my opinion."

She favours Spanx Higher Power: "Around £27 and a bit hard to get on the first couple of times, but after that are easy. They do have a pee-hole but I never use that (!) and a seam that runs up the front so very thin material like silk/satin dresses are a bit of a no-no."

And other control-pant aficionados say:

"The Primark ones are really great! And only a fiver too." porcamiseria

"I go for the ones that come right up to your bra and attach to the bra with straps/hooks. Spanx do a version, but I'm sure John Lewis or M&S will have their own. The other types just roll down, in my experience." BeeBox

A note of caution, however, from Mumsnetter Slubberdegullion: "I'm sure overindulgence in magic pantery will lead to a spate of slightly over-bulging eyeballs in 20 years time."

Maternity knickers

Pregnant ladies might be able to get away with everyday scanties for a while, but there comes a point when one yearns for more coverage. Even 'thong girls' crack, so to speak.

"I am a thong girl but have more recently (34 weeks) moved to knickers. Everything started to feel a bit tight and chafey. Do make sure you have some big knickers for afterwards. Thongs and massive maternity pads won't mix!" LoopyLoopsBettyBoops 

Major chainstores will charge a premium for 'over the belly' pants, though, so if you aren't too huge do consider the option of a more traditional 'kidney-warmer' knicker.

"I just went to Asda and bought cotton full briefs (they fit over my bump and I'm 38 weeks) - big size." Magnolia36

Sexy pants

And so to Naice Undies. (Not thongs. No-one's mentioned thongs with any seriousness on the MN Style and Beauty Talk board since 2008.) We're not going to help you out with boyfriend pants or granny-stylers either - if you don't know how to wear them you're probably not capable of accessing the worldwide web in the first place. So yes, back to the flirty bits.

"These days you don't have to spend a fortune to get nice, tasteful but still sexy undies in nice fabrics. I like La Senza for good choice, nice prices and great fit. They do a huggggggge array of sizes too, which is fab for us odd-sized peeps." NomDePlume

"For me it is about fabric, which is why I would highly recommend you go and try things on. Some things are better bought online but I don't think lingerie is one of them! Ideally, go to an independent boutique if you have one. You should know when you try something on if it makes you feel sexy!" Ewe

Or there is always a cheaper option, brutally efficient but inadvisable on a gusty day in a short skirt.

"Just go commando." Nailpolish

To share your own thoughts on your favourite and least favourite knick-knacks, do go to the MN Style & Beauty Talk board. Employ caution when using the word "gusset".


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