10 multi-tasking beauty products

MBEWhether you favour a low-maintenance routine, or are simply time-deprived when it comes to make-up, stocking up on beauty products that do double (if not triple) duty is the way to go.

Here are 10 multi-tasking beauty products designed to give multiple benefits. 


1. Sun protection products 

When it comes to daily sun protection and minimising sun-induced ageing, new advances in cosmetic technology mean that you don't need a separate sun cream under your base. Foundations, tinted moisturisers or BB creams that combine sun protection with coverage are just as effective, providing you are not sun-bathing. For daily use, most dermatologists recommend no lower than SPF 15 as ultraviolet light penetrates glass, so even if you are indoors or driving, you can still be exposed to ageing UVA rays.

  • Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation SPF 15, £13.49, is a finely milled mineral foundation that buffs into the skin easily and can be built up gradually to achieve the desired level of coverage.

2. Nail varnish

You don't need to apply a base and top coat of varnish to maximise your manicure, one product can do both jobs. Make sure that you allow each layer to dry thoroughly before you apply the next and apply a layer under and over your varnish for a longer-lasting, glossier finish.

3. Natural oils

If you have to invest in just one multi-purpose product, make it versatile, naturally derived oil. Oils like argan and coconut can be used all over for conditioning hair and moisturising the face and body. Apply to damp skin after a bath or shower for maximum moisture, mix with some sea salt or brown sugar to make a hydrating body scrub, or use a few drops on damp hair before you blow-dry to protect hair from heat-styling.

  • Caudalie Divine Oil, £21.59, moisturises and nourishes with a blend of oils - grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan.

4. Multi-purpose colour

Is your make-up bag bulging? Lighten its load by investing in a product that can be used on your eyes, lips and cheeks. Multi-purpose sticks or creams are a fast (and portable) way to do make-up on the move.

5. All-in-one hair and body wash

Having one product you can use on hair and skin in the shower is a time and space-saver, as well as cutting down on water use by as much as five gallons each time you shower. Modern formulations that are created for double-use mean you don't need a whole host of products to cleanse body and hair. Some are so versatile (and gentle) that the whole family can use them from top-to-toe.

6. BB creams 

If you haven't invested in a BB cream, it's time you did. More potent than a tinted moisturiser but sheerer than a foundation, BBs are a lifesaver as they do a multitude of beauty chores in one. With formulations that contain antioxidants, peptides, retinols and breakout-busters like salicylic acid, they can correct dark spots, moisturise, brighten dull skin, reduce sebum, mattify skin and prevent premature ageing. While they work deep down to regulate and repair, on the surface, they make skin look more even-toned and radiant.

7. Concealers

Why have a concealer that only does one job? If you are covering up blemishes, then pick a product that contains active ingredients such as salicylic acid (look for products which have at least 2%) that will help to zap spots and minimise pores. Or if you're choosing a concealer to minimise dark shadows or uneven pigment, seek formulations that have plant extracts such as green and white tea, cucumber and buckwheat to lighten, brighten and boost radiance.

8. Self-tanning moisturisers

Whether you want a just-back-from-holiday tan or a hint of a glow, combining colour with hydration means you can have moisturised skin that doesn't look pasty pale or over-done. Look out for formulations that give an instant glow that develops slowly to ensure an even finish and believable colour. There are also products which incorporate SPFs too, cutting down on the need for separate sun protection.

  • Laidbare Tantastic Natural Tan, £5.87, is a clever budget buy that contains natural tanning agents combined with a vitamin complex designed to leave skin bronzed, moisturised and healthy. Apply daily on face and body to build up the desired colour.

9. Facial and body moisturisers with SPF

The idea of a combined daily moisturiser for face and body means you can protect vulnerable areas like neck, hands and décolleté without the need for an extra step in your beauty routine. If you choose your moisturiser carefully, there's also no need for a make-up primer as the latest UV facial moisturisers are the perfect base for make-up.

10. Multi-purpose mascara

If mascara is your desert-island essential, then it makes even more sense to pick one that does more than just add colour. Look out for ones that include lash-boosting ingredients to encourage growth, thickening, lengthening or curling formulations.






Last updated: about 3 years ago