What you should be buying on Amazon Prime Day

It's discounts a-plenty for Prime members on Amazon today - but how do you know what's worth buying? These much-loved products are perennial Mumsnet favourites, so don't miss your chance to bag a bargain.

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1. Instant Pot, £82.99 (51% off)

A cross between a pressure cooker and a slow cooker, the Instant Pot can do just about anything. Except get a small child to eat their vegetables.


"I got given an Instant Pot Duo 60 for Christmas and it is utterly fantastic!"

"I cooked a cheesecake in 25 minutes. It's delicious. Then I pot roasted a 2kg joint of beef in 45 minutes -beautifully tender and still just ever so slightly rare in the middle."

2. ghd Arctic Gold V styler, £79.99 (38% off)

ghd stands for 'Good Hair Day' - and this brand is often hailed as the best for providing the sleek, straight locks you've always dreamed of having. Those dreams can be a reality now, people.


"In my opinion, GHDs are the best straighteners out there, plus most hairdressers use them. I'd never be able to achieve the same kind of straightness and sleekness with other straighteners."

3. Karcher K4 pressure washer, £111.99 (49% off)

If you're optimistic enough to be planning some heavy-duty cleaning over the summer, the Karcher is a multi-use workhorse that'll make light work of those dirty jobs.


"I love mine. I've owned it for years. Just don't tell anyone you've got one or you'll get begged to borrow it all the time. "

"Karchers are great fun. Faced with a Karcher and dirty paving, I like to start by writing rude words."

4. Trunki suitcase, £22.49 (35% off)

Accept no imitations - this is the original and best ride-on case for kids. Make airport slogs less of a chore, and get the kids more interested in packing their own bag with Trunki's cute designs.


"I would definitely recommend one. DD had a normal pull-along case before we got this, but the Trunki has been much more useful." 

5. Phillips Lumea, £199.99 (25% off)

A hero product amongst celebrities and MNers alike, the Lumea is a one-stop hair removal shop that promises proper results from the first use.


"I bought the Lumea after seeing it recommended on here. I've used it around five times and can see a huge difference. Before I would have to shave every day, now I can leave it for more than a week."

6. A Song of Ice and Fire, £22 (66% off)

Whether you're looking for something to read on a long-haul flight or want to keep your teens entertained over the summer, the complete collection (so far) of George R.R Martin's series will thrill any Game of Thrones fan. 


"They are absolutely brilliant. I am a huge George RR Martin fan. He's not scared to kill off characters you like, and the world is so real, especially the complicated politics! I am still waiting impatiently for the next book to be out - it's been AGES since the last one!"

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