How to look your best in your 40s

women over 40

Heading towards the big 4-0 (or watching it disappear in the rearview mirror) and determined to make this the decade you look your best? Mumsnetters share their tips on how to go about it 

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Consult an expert

"Get a style consultation - knowing what to wear can take years off and save you some money. Alternatively, if cash is tight, try buying Trinny and Susannah's book, The Rules."

"I have my make-up done at Mac twice a year so I can keep up with the trends and find out which colours suit me."

Don't be afraid to brow down

Clarke doing weird stuff with her brows

"I've had a eyebrow make-over: I let them grow out, then had them dyed and shaped. It's made a huge difference, lifting my whole face. I look younger and it's very inexpensive."

Make the most of fringe benefits

Michelle Obama and her fringe

"Get a fringe! I had several fine lines on my forehead and had one cut on a bit of a whim - it really does take years off your face."


    Follow the rule of three

    Minimalist clothes

    "Make sure that all your clothes (including your accessories) have no more than three colours - it's such an improvement. I'm slowly weeding out the older stuff in my wardrobe and replacing it with navy/black/brown basics and light shirts."

    Invest in the best lotions, potions ... and toothbrushes

    Mumsnetters' tried and tested age-defiers.

    Shampoo gif with Adam S 

    Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum

    Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum

    "There was a dramatic improvement in my skin within days of starting to use this. I honestly can't believe how much fresher and brighter my face looks."


    NIOD lip bio-lipid concentrate

    NIOD lip bio-lipid concentrate

    "This stuff is amazing; I couldn't live without it. My lips look fuller and feel smoother - I'm definitely an addict!"


    Neals Yard rose facial oil

    Neals Yard rose facial oil

    "I'm 44 and still quite prone to monthly bouts of spots. My complexion has really improved since using this, and it's a great organic product."

    Retin A

    Retin A

    "The only product that's proven to combat aging (and reverse it a bit, too). It's perfect for fine lines and brightening up the skin."

    "I love Retin A but you need to be careful applying it. Build up very slowly, using it a couple of times a week before moving to every day after a couple of months. You'll only need a pea-sized blob and you'll need to wear high factor sunscreen too, as your skin will be sensitive."

    Phillips Sonicare toothbrushes

    sonicare toothbrush

    "Looking after your teeth is essential to keeping a youthful appearance. I ended up buying this one and couldn't get over how amazing it is - my mouth feels SO much fresher and my teeth are about a hundred times brighter. It goes a hell of a long way towards making you look better groomed."

    Coconut oil shampoo

    coconut oil shampoo"Fantastic for beating that dreaded grey frizz - or white frizz in my case!"


    Cod liver oil capsules

    cod liver oil

    "Take one of these a day, just to get some good fats in your system. My skin has really improved since starting on them."

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