The best trainers for summer

Whether you're zipping round town or chasing children round the park, a pair of comfy, lightweight and stylish trainers will carry you through the summer hols

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1. Converse Chuck Taylor, from £39

converse colour options

A perennial favourite, these low profile, canvas classics are available in a range of summery colours and patterns - cool (in both senses) and comfortable, no matter how long you're on your feet. 

"I've lived in these since I got them! They go with anything - leggings and dresses, jeans, jogging bottoms, everything! They wash really well too - I chuck mine in the machine at the end of the month and they come up like new."

2. Nike Air Max Thea, from £72

nike theas

Nike have combined clever sports-tech know-how with a super-stylish exterior; the result is a trainer which looks fab as well as feeling like fluffy clouds under your feet.

"I have Theas in the plain black and white; they are the lightest, most springy pair of trainers I've ever owned so I definitely recommend them from a comfort view."

"I have the Nike Thea's, I can walk for miles in them, even ran for a train in them yesterday - something I would never have attempted in normal shoes!"

3. New Balance 410, from £55

Emerging as the go-to trainer for the fashion-conscious, New Balance has embraced its heritage to offer running shoes which are supportive and still pleasingly retro. 

"I love them! Totally wearable with just skinny jeans. No fancy trendiness required. They'll be good with cropped/ankle skinnies when it's warmer too."

"They are really comfortable. I have the 410s which are the more fashion-focussed ones but I can walk for hours in them."

4. Superga Classic trainers, from £45

superga pastels

Supergas, with their chunkier sole, feel more sturdy than some other fashion trainers - plus they come up slightly wider to keep even non-skinny feet comfortable in warmer weather. 

"I have them in a cream colour - very comfy and they do wash really well."

"Superga wearer here! My favourite are a lovely pale khaki. My feet are a nightmare - size 8, wide and I have arthritis that affects them - but I find these comfortable."

5. Skechers Sport, from £32.90

If you're ready to revive 90s style, or are happy to prioritise form over fashion, then these robust Skechers will help you cover the miles without a second thought for what's on your feet. 

"I must admit that they wouldn't win any prizes for their looks. However, after wearing them, other shoes simply don't measure up in terms of comfort and support."

"They have ruined me for all other shoes - they're far too comfortable!"

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