Essential exercise kit for different sports

New Year's resolution to take up a new sport or return to a once-loved activity? Take a hop, step or jump in the right direction with the activewear that MNers love

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Whether you're just starting Couch to 5K or you're a seasoned trail runner, decent kit is a must. Sturdy trainers and a well-fitting sports bra will keep you secure from head to toe, whatever your pace.

Arm band Running trainers Sports bra

Ronhill Stretch Arm Pouch, £2.99

"It has a spacious pouch that can fit my phone, keys, bank card/emergency fiver and change for the bus."

Brooks Ghost 8 running shoe, £66

"I had my gait analysed a few years back after developing some shin splints. I love the Brooks Ghost - I'm on my third pair."

Freya Epic underwired sports bra, from £16 - 40

"I'm a 30HH and have tried a lot of sports bras. The Shock Absorber is good, but for me the underwired Freya is better - nothing moves!"


If you want to recapture your zen (and reacquaint yourself with your toes), yoga is perfect. Invest in comfy clothes to make those early morning vinyasas more likely to happen. 

Yoga mat Vest top Leggings

Jade yoga mat, £31

"I'm the blissfully happy owner of several Jade natural rubber mats. They are so slip-proof. Downward facing dog on a sweat drenched mat with sweaty hands and feet? Not a slip in sight!"

Bench fitted top, £15

"As you'll be going upside down you really need a top that clings to your hips. TK Maxx usually has decent stuff for yoga."

Sweaty Betty reversible yoga leggings, £70

"Sweaty Betty is expensive, but they usually wash well and last for a long time."


Swimming keeps you active without straining your joints - a supportive swimsuit will let you stride purposefully from changing room to pool without self-consciousness. 

Swimming costume Towel

Zogg Predator goggles, £17.25

"After much exhaustive - and expensive - goggle research, I'm currently using Zogg Predators. I was a bit unsure about the cost but they don't appear to mist or leak."

Freya swimming costume, £54

"I had a really good Freya Active sports swimsuit with a bra size top."
"You need to buy your actual bra size. If your bottom is not in proportion to your boobs, then that Freya one also comes as a tankini."

Hammam towel, £11.95

"Hammam towels are extremely lightweight - four will take up the same amount of room as one ordinary beach towel. They're very effective and dry really quickly."


Make the most of your commute by turning it into a workout - a small rucksack will help you lug your office necessaries to and fro. Remember reflective gear is essential when the nights start getting longer. 

Reflective jacket
Padded shortsRucksack

Altura Night Vision waterproof jacket, £69.99

"I picked up an Altura jacket in the sale and it's purple rather than yellow/orange, so I don't feel too much like a fluorescent highlighter!"

Decathlon B'Twin 500 padded cycling shorts, £14.99

"I have padded cycling shorts for long distance - wouldn't go cycling without them! They're also higher at the back than normal shorts so when you lean forward to the handle bars, there's no risk of builders bum!"

Omm Ultra 15 backpack, £49.46

"I can't recommend the Omm highly enough. You need something really light and adjustable, with straps across your torso at the chest and waist to keep everything from sloshing around on your back. The Omm also has elastics you can use to compact the pack so if it's not stuffed full, things don't rattle around."


Mumsnetters swear by this energetic dance class as a way to get fit and have fun. If the gym leaves you cold (and bored), this could be right up your street.

Dance trainers Water bottle Loose top

Capezio web dance trainer, from £22.30

"I invested in some split sole dance shoes and haven't had sore knees since. I got mine from a local dance shop but you can also get them from Amazon."

Sweaty Betty water bottle, £20

"Take lots of water - it gets very hot."

H&M sports top, £12.99

"I wear a baggy sports T-shirt I found in H&M, which is very thin fabric and quite cool."

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