Mumsnetters review BEAUTY PIE's beauty subscription service


We asked 25 Mumsnetters to test out BEAUTY PIE's subscription service, which allows members to buy luxury beauty products for a fraction of their usual price, and let us know how they got on. Testers received a free trial membership, a boosted spending limit (more on that later) and 50% off their basket – plus two weeks to try out all their goodies. You can check out the thread or read on for our summary of their feedback


For a monthly (or annual) subscription fee, BEAUTY PIE members can get their hands on high-end makeup and skincare at a fraction of the typical price. For example, a lipstick that typically sells for £20 would be available to members for just £4.33. There are lots of different membership options, starting from just £5 per month – though, of course, the bigger your membership the more bargain products you can snap up.

The Mumsnet verdict

How easy did you find signing up to BEAUTY PIE?

Most of our testers found the sign-up process quick, clear and simple.

“Really straightforward, it was very easy and intuitive. I had no problem finding products and signing up.”

Did you understand the difference between typical price and members' price?

Our testers initially found the difference between typical and members' prices a bit confusing, but soon got the hang of it when they started filling their baskets.

“The members' pricing is very clear, you can tell from the quick view what the price is for each product. Non-member pricing is less clear as it states ‘typical’ price which sounds vague.”

“I had researched this previous to the trial as I had been intrigued by Beauty Pie for a long time. I think initially I had to read it through a couple of times before it made sense! But it is quite straightforward.”

“I understand it now but didn’t to begin with (I believe I wasn’t alone!)”

Did you feel restricted by the spending limit?

The majority of our testers did feel restricted by the spending limit – simply because there were so many products they wanted to try. Luckily you can roll over any unused saving limit and have extra to spend next month, or you can buy a spending limit upgrade if you can't wait that long.

“Yes, I did feel a little restricted – there were quite a few products I wanted to try although I did manage to buy six items which was great.”

“Yes, very! I guess that having this model means that people are coming back for more. I have seen multiple things I want to try and will get a few months’ membership at least – and I bet other testers feel this way too.”

“I could've easily spent a fortune. I went for skincare products though which were more expensive so I was only able to get two. I would've liked the freedom to spend more.”

“Yes. I did notice that you can up your membership and pay £20 a month and get an increased spending limit though, the choice is a great idea.”

What was your favourite product and why?

BEAUTY PIE products
  • “The tinted moisturiser is the best I’ve ever tried. It’s one of the only things I ever splash out on as I wear it most days and have struggled to find one that lasts and is the right shade.”
  • “My favourite product was the Apricot Cleansing Balm. You get lots! It will last me months and months so great value. Packaging is nice, the glass makes it feel luxe. You also get a tiny spoon for application which means you don’t over use the product. It smells lovely but not too overpowering. There is a cloth that you use to remove with warm water, the cloth is slightly exfoliating and I use it more on congested areas. My skin felt wonderfully soft and clean after. Really pleased and would definitely swap products.”
  • “The matte lipsticks were superb! Everything I've wanted in a matte lipstick but have never been able to find. Creamy but still matte, easy to apply even without a mirror, gorgeous colours.”

What would make you want to stay or leave BEAUTY PIE?

Our Mumsnet testers felt that the quality and the price of the BEAUTY PIE products they had tried would be compelling reasons to renew their subscription, but the spending limit would be a deterrent for some. A few skincare fanatics also mentioned that they would want to see a regular influx of new and exciting products to keep them coming back for more.

“I would like to stay purely for the face serum, it's such an excellent price for a product where I can see that it is making a difference.”

“Accessing Korean and Japanese skincare without having to order via Amazon is great as we know what we are buying. Continuing to provide products like this would make me stay. If newer products were not brought in frequently enough, this would be reason to leave. I don't know how frequently this is currently.”

“If the spending limit was a bit higher (say £150 instead of £100) then I’d be more likely to sign up long term.”

What other products or ranges would you like BEAUTY PIE to sell?

Mumsnetters were full of ideas for expanding BEAUTY PIE's range, including hair care products and the option to try sample sizes before purchasing any make-up or skincare.

“My skin can be very sensitive so I’d like to be able to try travel sizes before committing to full size ones.”

“HAIR – my kingdom for a paraben- and silicone-free shampoo and conditioner that work”

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