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World Cup 2018: key dates

Don't miss a match! Here are some important dates for your football diary

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Times shown are in GMT, and live broadcasts are shared between the BBC and ITV. 

Group Stages 

Thurs June 16

Russia v Saudi Arabia (Group A), 1pm - BBC One

Fri June 15

Egypt v Uruguay (Group A), 1pm - BBC One

Morocco v Iran (Group B), 4pm - ITV1

Portugal v Spain (Group B), 7pm - BBC One

Sat June 16

France v Australia (Group C), 11am - BBC One 

Argentina v Iceland (Group D), 2pm - ITV1

Peru v Denmark (Group C), 5pm - BBC One

Croatia v Nigeria (Group D), 8pm - ITV1

Sun June 17

Costa Rica v Serbia (Group E), 1pm - ITV1

Germany v Mexico (Group F), 4pm - BBC One

Brazil v Switzerland (Group E), 7pm - ITV1

Mon June 18

Sweden v South Korea (Group F), 1pm - ITV1

Belgium v Panama (Group G), 4pm - BBC One

Tunisia v England (Group G), 7pm - BBC One

Tues June 19

Colombia v Japan (Group H), 1pm - BBC One

Poland v Senegal (Group H), 4pm - BBC One

Russia v Egypt (Group A) - St Petersburg, 7pm - BBC One

Wed June 20

Portugal v Morocco (Group B), 1pm - BBC One

Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (Group A), 4pm - BBC One

Iran v Spain (Group B), 7pm - ITV1

Thu June 21

Denmark v Australia (Group C), 1pm - ITV1

France v Peru (Group C) - Ekaterinburg, 4pm - ITV1

Argentina v Croatia (Group D),7pm - BBC One

Fri June 22

Brazil v Costa Rica (Group E), 1pm - ITV1

Nigeria v Iceland (Group D), 4pm - BBC One

Serbia v Switzerland (Group E), 7pm - BBC One

Sat June 23

Belgium v Tunisia (Group G), 1pm - BBC One

South Korea v Mexico (Group F), 4pm - ITV1 

Germany v Sweden (Group F), 7pm - ITV1

Sun June 24

England v Panama (Group G), 1pm - BBC One

Japan v Senegal (Group H) 4pm - BBC One

Poland v Colombia (Group H) 7pm - ITV1

Mon June 25: Uruguay v Russia (Group A), 3pm - ITV1

Saudi Arabia v Egypt (Group A), 3pm - ITV4

Spain v Morocco (Group B), 7pm - BBC One

Iran v Portugal (Group B), 7pm - BBC One

Tues June 26: Denmark v France (Group C) 3pm - ITV1

Australia v Peru (Group C), 3pm - ITV4 

Nigeria v Argentina (Group D), 7pm - BBC One

Iceland v Croatia (Group D), 7pm - BBC Two

Wed June 27

South Korea v Germany (Group F), 3pm - BBC One

Mexico v Sweden (Group F), 3pm - BBC Two

Serbia v Brazil (Group E), 7pm - ITV1

Switzerland v Costa Rica (Group E), 7pm - ITV4

Thu June 28

Japan v Poland (Group H), 3pm - BBC One

Senegal v Colombia (Group H), 3pm - BBC Two

England v Belgium (Group G), 7pm - ITV1

Panama v Tunisia (Group G), 7pm - ITV4

Round of 16

Sat June 30

Winner C v Runner-up D, 3pm - ITV1

Winner A v Runner-up B, 7pm - ITV1

Sun July 1

Winner B v Runner-up A, 3pm - BBC One

Winner D v Runner-up C, 7pm - ITV1

Mon July 2

Winner E v Runner-up F, 3pm - BBC One

Winner G v Runner-up H, 7pm - BBC One

Tues July 3

Winner F v Runner-up E, 3pm - ITV1 

Winner H v Runner-up G, 7pm - BBC One


Fri July 6

Quarter-final one, 3pm - BBC One

Quarter-final two, 7pm - BBC One 

Saturday July 7

Quarter-final three, 3pm - ITV1

Quarter-final four, 7pm - ITV1


Tues July 10

Semi-final one, 7pm - ITV1 

Weds July 11

Semi-final two, 7pm - BBC One 

Sat July 14

Third place play-off: Losers of two semi-finals, 3pm - ITV1


Sun July 15

World Cup final, 4pm ITV1 and BBC One

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