World Cup 2014

Brazil fanYep, it's that time again: whether you're a die-hard fan or the most reluctant of spectators, World Cup fever is truly upon us.

Kick off is 12 June, and the whole shebang lasts <gulp> a full month. So watch this space for all your World Cup needs – from the very first match, to the final whistle.

Fun footie facts: 9 things we didn't know about Brazil

Whether you're a serious sucker for football facts, or a novice desperate for something to talk about at half-time - you need to know these interesting bits and bobs about Brazil. 

Getting girls into football

The World Cup can be hugely inspiring for children, but it's harder to know how to nurture an ongoing enthusiasm for the game in girls, so we've compiled a handy guide to engaging girls in the beautiful game.

Bingo cards

Play Mumsnet World Cup Bingo and you'll be on the edge of your seat every time the commentary team skirts close to a football cliché.

Peckish? Tasty TV snacks and suppers

No need for a greasy takeaway while you watch the match: these recipes for footie-friendly food are a cinch to make, and will be snaffled up in seconds. 

World Cup playlist

Having a World Cup-themed shindig, or just want to get into the mood before a match? We've made a Spotify playlist of 11 of the best footie anthems.

Local clubs for kids and best footie books

Children football mad? Mumsnet Local eds have rouned up places where they can get involved on the pitch, and we've also got a selection of the best football-themed books for children. 

Football phrases - translated!

Find out here what our Brazilian commentator counterparts are (or could be…) with this collection of familiar football phrases translated into Portuguese. 

Travel: breathtaking Brazil

From its iconic modernist architecture, to its astonishing beaches and breathtaking natural wonders – Brazil is the adventurous family's dream destination. Here's everything you need to know about exploring this amazing country with the kids.