Playmobil Olympics 2012


It's the biggest sporting event ever staged in the UK – and that includes the streets of Ruggington. Yes, it's the Playmobil Olympics 2012.

Mumsnetter SoMuchToBits has crafted a series of terrific tableaux (with help from Norman the Foreman, natch) celebrating the Olympics and Paralympics.

From weightlifting to basketball, fencing to dressage, you've never seen the athletes and events quite like this.

So enjoy this miniature magnificent spectacle, and come back daily as we unveil the Playmobil Olympics pageant.



Closing ceremony

Olympic Flame

After a record medal haul for Playmobil Olympic hosts Ruggington, the town prepares to bid farewell to the Games.

Ball games

Table tennis

Beach volleyball at Lowbeach-On-Sea, table tennis and basketball in the Ruggington Olympic Arena and tennis in the Rugginton sunshine.



They flip, they spin, they tumble and vault. Then they dismount gracefully, making it all look easy.

Equestrian sports

Get your bets ready. The inhabitants of Ruggington take their dressage very seriously.

Watersports and aquatics


Diving, sailing, rowing and swimming. Witness extraordinary feats of athleticism exhibited in (and generally around) water.



The local builders have downed tools to watch the athletics. (See if you can spot NormanTheForeman.)

Olympic security


Meet the Olympic athletes as they arrive in Ruggington and meet the efficient police force deployed to protect the Games.

Best of the rest


From cycling to fencing and combat sports, the Playmobil Olympics rumble on.