Olympic summer fete ideas

Summer fairOn the PTA or a summer-fair committee? Wondering how to shoehorn inject some Olympic spirit into your 2012 fete? Wonder no more, we've come up with five simple Olympic summer fete ideas.


1. Publicity for your fete

First thing to note: using the Olympic name or related words and imagery is a bit of a minefield, as schools are not allowed to imply a direct association with the official event. The Olympic organisers, LOCOG, are being very strict about this.

This Mumsnetter reasons that: "By the time they [LOCOG] find us, the gazebos will be packed away, the PA system will be back in the cupboard in the headmaster's office and we will be cleared up, swept up and counted up. Faster than Usain Bolt."

However, if you're more risk adverse, the copyright restrictions offer the opportunity to discuss the power and purpose of branding with your children. Then come up with some of your own. Hold a logo competition and slap the winning motif over all your materials.

What Mumsnetters say...

  • Faster, Higher, Stronger doesn't appear to be trademarked or copyrighted, so I might use that.
    Fastest... to write a story from a given title? 
    Highest... note you can sing?
    Strongest... one of those bell-ringing sledgehammer things? joanofarchitrave


2. Opening ceremony

Encourage your summer fete guests to be punctual by holding a grand opening ceremony. Put aside a little time for displays by the gymnastics team, dance club, choir, school band and any other after-school clubs who might look good on stage.

What Mumsnetters say...

  • Sell entrance tickets by ballot. Merrylegs


3. Cultural awareness

Why not hide the jam jar and its elusive number of marbles/pennies/buttons and instead challenge your children to see how many flags they can match with Olympic countries? You can also draw the school community in by asking parents to prepare national dishes from across the globe for the food stall.


4. Olympic stall ideas

Many games can be easily adapted to display a little 2012 spirit. Hook a duck becomes Hook a medal. Children can Guess the Teacher from sports day photos. Face painting can have a national flags theme.

What Mumsnetters say...

  • We are having an arena at our fete (which is basically cordoned off with bales of hay and bunting) and having sporty themes in the middle - throw the welly, cheerleading, Kwik Cricket, rugby, etc. Collision


5. Events

You don't want to blur the line between sports day and summer fete, but if you keep it wacky you can recreate some Olympic events with a twist.

  • Sweep the balls (curling): how quickly can children corral a load of balls into a designated space with a broom?
  • Olympic torch relay: run in togas with a cardboard torch.
  • Basketball: how many times can children dunk the ball through the hoop in a minute?
  • Balloon toss with giant sling shot: can children sling the balloon past the bronze, silver, or gold medal cone?

What Mumsnetters say...

  • Organise a marathon: set all the children on 100 laps of the school field while the parents sit at the beer tent finish line. slacklucy

Last updated: about 3 years ago