Why we loved the London 2012 Olympics

With Rio 2016 about to commence, here are some of Mumsnetters' most cherished memories of the London 2012 Olympics to get us all fired up   

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1. Because the opening ceremony was bloody fantastic

The Queen and James Bond. That is all. 

2. Because Usain Bolt. Just Usain Bolt

"The man is a legend."

3. Because we saw things we didn't think were possible

"The Flying Dutchman - amazing."

4. Because of ALL the record-breaking

"Michael Phelps won a ridiculous number of medals." (Six. He's now the greatest Olympian of all time.)

5. Because Mo Farah brought out our inner athlete

"Felt like I ran the last lap with him."

6. Because SO many powerful women took part

"We loved seeing Sarah Attar running for Saudi Arabia."

7. Because of Tom Daley's well-deserved smiles

"My favourite moment was Tom Daley being so incredibly happy to win the bronze, particularly after the terrible year he'd had."

8. Because of Chris Hoy's mum

"Chris Hoy crying even before he got up on the podium - oh, and his mum's reaction."

9. Because David Rudisha rocked

"My favourite part was David Rudisha - for the world record (and being a handsome, lovely, top bloke)."

10. Because of the joy

"We just won the Olympics!!"

11. Because The Big Smoke really shone

London, you looked amazing.

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