What's in an Education, Health and Care needs plan?

An EHC plan is made up of twelve parts, labeled alphabetically. Here, we break them down for you so that you know what's what

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Part A: The views, interests and aspirations of your child - essentially background information on what kind of person your child is, and what he or she wants to achieve.

Part B: A description of any special educational needs (SEN).

Part C: Any health needs related to your child's SEN.

Part D: Any social care needs related to SEN.

Part E: Proposed outcomes - how extra help in the educational environment will benefit your child.

Part F: Details of proposed special educational provision (support).

Part G: Details of any proposed special health provision.

Part H: Details of any social care provision.

Part I: Details of your child's current educational placement - the type and name of his/her school or other institution.

Part J: Personal budget arrangements.

Part K: Advice and information - a list of the information gathered during the EHC needs assessment.

The statement should include all the reports that were received by the Board during the course of the statutory assessment.

What Mumsnetters say about the different sections of statements

  • "You need to get part B - the difficulties - stated very clearly so that sufficient support is provided in part F - the proposed special provisions."
  • "Make sure that your child's needs haven't been downplayed  - and that they have laid out detailed schedules for who will be dealing with your child when."
  • "Part F needs to specify and quantify all provision, in other words spell out very precisely all that will be done." 

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