Special Educational Needs Code of Practice

When it comes to your child and his or her educational needs, the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice is where you (and your school or nursery) need to begin

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All schools and educational settings must adhere to the SEN Code of Practice. The code (sometimes referred to as the SEN COP) provides a common approach to identifying and providing for all children's special needs. This applies both to schools and also to early education settings such as nursery schools and pre-schools.

The code stresses the importance of working in partnership with parents wherever possible. It also stresses the importance of the child's input and participation in his or her education decisions.

Mumsnetters say

  • "The SEN Code of Practice (SEN COP) lays down what schools should do in the way of SEN support and also details the processes involved. The more knowledge you have about SEN support in school, the better you will be able to support your child by fighting for what she requires and is entitled to." 
  • "The SEN COP is a government-issued code of practice and in theory every local authority should measure using the same criteria. It's a nice weighty document and good for hitting officials round the head with when all else fails!" 

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