Help with school meals, uniform and transport to school


Free school meals and uniform

Mumsnet special needs webguide has links to heaps of useful organisations

If you claim certain benefits (such as Income Support or Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance) then your child may be entitled to free school meals. Bring on the turkey dinosaurs.

If you claim certain benefits and your child is registered at a maintained school, the local authority may help with the cost of school uniforms.

In Wales, pupils entering Year 7 are eligible for free school meals; pupils aged 11 at the start of the school year who are attending a special school or similar unit who are eligible for free school meals may also be entitled to a grant for uniforms.

School transport

Education authorities must provide transport or help with the cost of transport if they consider it necessary to help children get to the nearest suitable school.

If you have a Statement that specifies a school for your child, and that school is a certain distance away from your home, then your local authority should provide transport.

"Our five-year-old son has a severe learning disability and attends a special school in Brighton. He is entitled to free transport - a taxi - that takes him to school in the morning and drops him off in the evening." Mitford

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