Street party tips for the Queen's 90th birthday

If your street is having a party to mark the Queen's 90th, here's how to get in the mood

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1. Get your game on

There are plenty of royal-themed games that will appeal to children and adults alike

"Some version of welly-throwing - we're doing crown frisbeeing!"

"How about pin the crown on the Queen?"

2. Take a dish

Exhibit some public spirit and arrive with contributions to the party food. You could go traditional with coronation chicken, keep it simple with crustless cucumber sarnies, or get the kids involved in some baked goodies then decorate them with a royal twist. Visit our afternoon tea recipes page for inspiration.

3. Put on some party tunes

Any organiser worth their salt will have some music organised, but there's no harm in taking along some of your own in case it's deathly boring the music gets stuck in a loop. There are the obvious choices - Prince, Queen, Michael Jackson (King of Pop) - but you can really take the royal theme to town with some Tears for Fears (Everybody wants To Rule The World), Madonna (Celebration), Abba (Dancing Queen)... and don't forget Queen Bey.

4. Take the Great British weather into account

Expect the unexpected. Along with your umbrella, be sure to bring thermals, sunglasses and a windbreaker. Rain is the real potential game-changer, but with some plastic sheeting and the ability to retreat indoors, hopefully it won't mean calling the whole thing off. 

5. Make nice with your neighbours

If you are friends with all your neighbours, a street party could be the social event of the year. If, however, your street's residents range from perfectly nice to... not, you may need to rise to the occasion by rehearsing your sincerest of smiles and most convincing chuckles. The Queen must have to do that all the time, and this street party is all about her, after all. 


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