The royal baby

lindo wingThe Queen's fifth great-grandchild is here!

Kate Middleton gave birth to a baby girl at 8.34am on Saturday 2 May, after being admitted to hospital at 6am.

We've all sorts of royal baby-related trivia and advice to amuse you. Republicans, apologies – you're going to have to go for a total media blackout for the next few days.

What Prince William needs to know

zip man

Things any sensible birthing partner should know to avoid doing during childbirth. Because this absolutely isn't about you.

10 reasons why baby naming is harder than you'd think

surprised baby

Finding a moniker for your newborn can be blimmin' tough. And that's without the rest of the world entering sweepstakes on what you'll choose.

Two under two: a survival guide

mother of two

It's a challenge – but you can do it! Mumsnetters offer the Duke and Duchess the tools they'll need to make it through with two under two.

"Darling, there's someone I'd like you to meet."

toddler with sibling

The arrival of a new baby can be a mixed blessing… if you're their older sibling. Check out our tips on how to introduce your child to their new brother or sister.

Best gifts for new mums

If gold, frankincense or myrrh isn't available, try packaging some of these gifts up into a naice bundle that any new mum (even a royal one) would be super pleased to receive.

A right royal natter

royal fan

Loyal subjects have their very own Talk topic for chatting to like-minded folk. Step this way for a satisfying discussion about all things royal…