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Giving Week 2014 - how your donations helped

Woolly Hugs

Last year, we decided to harness the power of Mumsnet in order to highlight some of the organisations and charities that have offered invaluable support and advice to our members over the years - and to help give something back to them.

Mumsnetters nominated five amazing causes and we asked for donations - which MNHQ then matched. We were able to give a total of £22,604.86 to these organisations. Here, they share some of the ways that the money raised has help to make a difference to them.


Woolly Hugs

Once again we'd like to thank everyone for their amazing support through Mumsnet's Giving Week. Woolly Hugs is a small charity run on a voluntary basis, reliant on donations, but never lacking ambition. The donations have helped secure and develop our ongoing projects, and we've been able to start working with the Children of Chernobyl charity too. We've always wanted our projects to be inclusive, so all can take part irrespective of whether they can afford to or not. The donated funds mean everyone can. Excellent!

From fellow Mumsnetters, to bereaved families, medical professionals, charity workers, children and families from as far away as Cameroon and Belarus, to much closer to home, the feedback we receive is so motivating. Children and families are feeling love, comfort, compassion and support through our work. Together we are achieving something rather amazing. We look forward to 2015 and developing Woolly Hugs further.

Women's Aid

We were so pleased to be picked to benefit from Mumsnet Giving Week, and are delighted that it went so well. Raising over £5,000 in income in a week is an incredible feat and has made a big difference to our work. This money has helped us to successfully lobby the government to secure a £10 million fund to support specialist domestic violence refuges in England. This was a direct result of Women's Aid's SOS Campaign and we could not have done it without the kind support and donations of Mumsnet users.


The PDA Society

Parents of children with PDA can often feel isolated and in need of advice and support. At the PDA Society we have developed a six-week PDA for Parents course, designed to help parents increase their understanding and acceptance of their child as well as finding the right strategies that will work for them and their family. We are reliant on external funding to put these courses on and the generous support from Mumsnet will allow us to run three courses in spring/summer 2015.



Haven House

Thank you so much to everyone who made a donation to Mumsnet Giving Week – thanks to your generosity we can continue to help families with life limited children. Like Dylan's family; he has a rare chromosome disorder which sadly means his life will be shortened.

Caring for Dylan is a 24-7 job. He has a rare form of epilepsy where seizures can be virtually non-stop, so his family are often unable to leave the house. What Haven House has offered them, with the help of Mumsnetters, is a break. Without this they would not have coped as a family for so long. Janie, his mum, said: "As I know the experienced and highly trained nurses are able to care for all Dylan's needs I am able to relax for a few precious days a year and get a full night's sleep."

Dylan's family don't know what is going to happen next and having to watch their much-loved son and brother deteriorate before their eyes is heart-breaking. What they do know is that thanks to fundraising efforts from the likes of Mumsnet, Haven House will be there to help them have the best Christmas together, just like it will be for the other 150 families they will be supporting this year.


Free Cakes for Kids

We were delighted to be nominated for Mumsnet Giving Week. Free Cakes for Kids has grown so much that we are now working on a simpler process to sign up new groups, and give people the confidence to find a family and bake a cake. The funding provided by Mumsnet will enable us to help more people to set up groups in their local areas. The Bromley group was set up last year, and among their cakes is this one, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Demelza Centre Eltham. The patchwork quilt was made by several bakers, then iced with the names of nominated children. Over 200 children and their families came to the party and watching them come in and spot their names was amazing.

Free Cakes for Kids



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