Mumsnet Giving Week 2015: the causes

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In our second annual Giving Week in partnership with JustGiving, we shined a light on five brilliant causes close to Mumsnetters' hearts.

In seven days, Mumsnetters raised an incredible £26,921.17 - and as promised, MNHQ has matchfunded this total, bringing the final amount to £51,921.17!

Thanks for all your donations and help in spreading the word far and wide. #MNGiving

Count the Kicks | Rape Crisis | IPSEA | Abortion Support Network | SWAN UK


Count the Kicks is a charity raising awareness of the importance of a baby's movements in the womb, to try and reduce the UK's current stillbirth and neonatal death rate.

A decrease in fetal movement is a key warning sign that a baby is struggling in the womb - and early delivery could save nearly a third of stillborn babies. Count the Kicks wants to let more mothers-to-be know to seek medical attention when they notice a change in their baby's movements -  helping more babies arrive safely.

Elizabeth Hutton, Chief Executive at Count the Kicks said: "We are so excited and humbled to have been selected as one of the five charities to benefit from Giving Week this year! This is a fantastic opportunity for our charity to raise the funds that will help us reach more mums than ever and save more little lives. We'd like to say a huge thank you to Mumsnet Towers and all the Mumsnet users who nominated us." Read their guest post to find out more.

Amount raised: £8,474.86 



Rape Crisis England & Wales exists to support a network of member organisations in providing specialist support, counselling and advocacy to over 50,000 women and girls each year. They campaign nationally to raise awareness and understanding of sexual violence and its impacts, and to sustain these life-changing services, in order to meet the needs and uphold the rights of sexual violence survivors. With one in five women experiencing sexual violence in their lifetimes and demand for Rape Crisis services at an all-time high, support for their work from the public and from groups like Mumsnet has never been so important.

Lee Eggleston, Chair of Rape Crisis England & Wales said: "Rape Crisis England & Wales is delighted to have been chosen as one of Mumsnet’s charities for Giving Week 2015. Rape Crisis organisations are currently facing unprecedented demand for their specialist support and advocacy services from sexual violence survivors throughout the country. The support and co-ordination we provide these organisations is more vital than ever at this moment. Likewise, raising awareness and understanding of sexual violence has never been more crucial. We’re so grateful that the Mumsnet community is supporting the needs and rights of sexual violence survivors in this way." Read their guest post to find out more.

Amount raised: £3,645



Independent Parental Special Education Advice, known as IPSEA, provides a unique range of free services across England. These all share one aim: getting the right education for children and young people with all kinds of special educational needs and/or disabilities.

One in five children at school have special educational needs. Thousands of these children and young people are struggling at school and college because their needs are not being met. IPSEA's volunteers use their unique blend of experience and expertise to get the best education for these children and young people so that they can all fulfil their potential.

Denise Murphy, Interim Chief Executive at IPSEA said: "IPSEA is thrilled that Mumsnet are supporting our work via Giving Week 2015! Thousands of Mumsnet users know first-hand that if your child has special educational needs, the system for getting the right support for them at school/college is tough. The paperwork is complicated, the process is very drawn-out and the endless battles are completely exhausting. IPSEA is doing all we can to support these families to get the right results for their children. Everyone who supports IPSEA during Mumsnet Giving Week will be helping us to give children with special educational needs and disabilities the best possible future." Read their guest post to find out more.

Amount raised: £2,201


Abortion Support Network (ASN) is a tiny charity helping women in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man access safe abortions. They provide practical information on arranging the least expensive abortion and travel, give grants to cover the £400-£2000 it costs to travel to England and pay for a termination, and provide accommodation in volunteer homes. They do this because "I can't afford an abortion" should not be the only reason someone becomes a parent or adds to their existing family.

Mara Clarke, Director at Abortion Support Network said: "We are thrilled by this opportunity to be one of five Mumsnet Giving Week charities. It's fantastic that the Mumsnet community has recognised the importance of giving people in Ireland and Northern Ireland the ability to choose if and when they have children or add to their existing families." Read their guest post to find out more.

Update on our support for Abortion Support Network

Amount raised: £5,453.88


SWAN UK (Syndromes Without A Name) is the only dedicated support organisation in the UK for families of children with undiagnosed genetic conditions. 

Every year in the UK an estimated 6,000 children are born with a condition that is likely to remain undiagnosed. Without a diagnosis, their families have no idea what the future will hold for their child. They often feel very isolated and may struggle to access information, care and services. SWAN UK brings families together, provides information and support and raises awareness of undiagnosed genetic conditions.

Miriam Ingram, SWAN UK Digital Communications and Support Officer said: "We are delighted that SWAN UK has been nominated for Mumsnet’s Giving Week. We are so excited to have this opportunity to increase awareness of what it means to be undiagnosed. Every year approximately 6,000 children are born with an undiagnosed genetic condition and life for families can be tough. By showing your support this Giving Week, you will be helping SWAN UK to continue to develop its community, information and services for families. Thank you." Read their guest post to find out more.

Amount raised: £7,146.43



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