New Year's Resolutions

Should auld resolutions be forgot? And new ones made that you'll actually stick to this time? Or is getting up before midday on the 2nd January about as ambitious as you can handle for 2010? Find out what reasoned, rash or downright ridiculous New Year promises other Mumsnetters have been making to themselves...

For the health-conscious

  • To make more effort to get enough sleep and 'me' time - it makes everything else in my life, from relationships to work to money, that much better. Blinglovin
  • For it to be more about me! Re-start yoga, maybe even learn to meditate for those moments when everyone else is arguing/crying/driving me mad. I can just take myself off somewhere without actually having to leave three small children home alone. ThomcatIsForLifeNotJustForXmas
  • Mine is to stop messing about and lose the final 2.5 stones. I have already lost two this year and have lost the oomph. Dior
  • To stop eating doughnuts. I just scoffed down two jam and cream ones while sitting in Morrisons' car park – like it was some secretive mission I was on. What's wrong with me? VinegarTinselTits
  • To try to end the year not looking five months pregnant – unless I am five months pregnant, of course. FrannyandZooey
  • To make some time for me in the week which doesn't involve trying to catch up on sleep. To move more and eat less. AttillaTheSaHanTa
  • Boring, I know, but to get fit – preferably through dancing and snogging dh alot. MooandPops
  • To tone up (especially my jelly belly), walk more, build up my self-esteem and generally start liking myself a bit better. bandgeek
  • To use an alarm clock and get up early to do yoga or write. TheButterflyEffect
  • To eat less, sleep more and do everything else in moderation. Waltzywotzy
  • To get to bed earlier (typing this gone midnight!) because it would then give me the energy to start doing some exercise regularly, and get up earlier in the mornings so I don't have to rush getting ready. CapricaSix
  • To be less hard on myself, stop stressing myself expecting perfection and realise that sometimes 'good enough' is perfectly fine. ElfOnTheTopShelf
  • To have fun every week. Doesn't have to be expensive: just something to make me smile. PeachyBidsYouNadoligLlawen
  • To give up smoking. For good this time. christmaseve
  • 1. To get fit. 2. To exercise more. 3. To tone up flabby muscles. 4. To take up cycling. 5. To take up jogging. 6. To get out and about and take advantage of living in a beautiful party of the country. (Did I mention getting fit?) Squonk
  • Not die. That's about it. pigleto

For the family-conscious

  • Teach my mum and dad (who live miles away) how to use a webcam so they can see the children more often. juliew
  • Put all the baby (or should that be babies') photos in albums (oh and the holiday photos from last five years in albums) and sort through all the home movie video tapes and put them on to DVD or the computer so we can actually watch them (this has been on my list for the past 100 years, but this is going to be the year, oh yes I can feel it). EK2
  • I want to schedule a fun family outing/activity (at least) once a month. Not necessarily always a big thing but a museum trip or exhibition, trip to theatre or movie, that we can all enjoy together. This past year every weekend has been full of kids' parties and racing around seeing people. I want to put dates for family time on the calendar and stick to them. zoots
  • We're doing a thing where every family member has a list of three things they want to do/see this year, and (within reason!) we're going to try and do them all. skimmer

For the body-conscious

  • I shall be stylish and classy and have lots of sex. Actually, even a little bit of sex would be nice. BroccoliSpears
  • To be more glamorous and make more of an effort on my appearance. Lizzylou
  • To stop shopping at Primark. Not particularly for ethical reasons – I'm just fed up of wearing cheap tat. Isaidkissmeunderthemistletoe
  • To go for regular beauty treatments. TheGreatChristmasEvie

For the money-conscious

  • To spend less (excludes doing up of kitchen). NotanOtter
  • To budget and be even more frugal, so we can save some money. CharCharGaboriaInExcelsisDeo
  • To pay our credit card bill off. eandh
  • To find a job (preferably a rewarding and fulfilling one). To make sure I become indispensable in my new job, so I don't get made redundant again. To save loads to make up for my shrinking pension fund. CuddlyUnderTheMistletoe
  • To try to buy as little new stuff as possible. mummypig

For the eco-conscious

  • To recycle more. bobsyouruncle
  • To pack away our TV. I've lived very, very happily without one in the past. It is a life sapper. We can watch some films on a laptop and, if DD can't survive without Big Cook Little Cook, there's always BBC iPlayer. christiana
  • To grow carrot-shaped carrots this year. southeastastra
  • To review our fridge contents every few days and avoid chucking food out. TheButterflyEffect

For the sub-conscious

  • To not have to face the same list of resolutions in January 2011 that I did in 2010, 2009, 2008... Countingthegreyhairs
  • To stop being so bloody optimistic about what the New Year will bring. ladylush
  • To live a life in a parallel universe where I can do as I please and always be gorgeous with zero consequence on my actual life – and where I am also always gorgeous, of course. sfxmum
  • To increase my grip on reality. hobnob57
  • Win lottery. Solve world hunger. Achieve world peace. Lose weight. Get hair cut more often. Cure cancer. House the homeless. Stop going to bed with make-up on. Save the planet from ecological disaster. Re-freeze the poles. Marry Daniel Craig. Be kind to animals. IAmNotHere

For the fanjo-conscious

  • More sex. Cyteen
  • More sex. ByThePowerOfBaileys
  • More sex. mankyscotslass
  • Less sex. Oh no, hold on that's not right. FrannyandZooey

For the barely conscious

  • I don't really bother with resolutions because I'm too hungover on New Year's Day to remember to start them, then I feel a failure. Sazisi
  • To get focused enough to make some resolutions. singledadofthree
  • Not to make New Year's resolutions. Why bother? Mostly, people drop them when they get difficult. If you must make them, then make ones like eating chocolate at least once a week – then you'll keep it and be happy. tatt
  • No NYRs this year. Just more pressure, innit? Bugger that for a game of soldiers. Nappiesgalore
  • Ah! None for me: when you're the pinnacle of evolution, how does one possibly improve? sorkycake
  • World dommination. Looks like someone needs to be put in charge. Litchick

And finally...

  • To Mumsnet more. Obviously. VaginaMonologues

Now we'll raise our cup of kindness yet to that. Happy New Year!


Last updated: about 3 years ago