Sky Anytime+

Sky Anytime+ is the brand new On Demand service from Sky. It lets Anytime+ customers access a huge library of quality TV shows and hundreds of movies, which you can watch when you prefer, making it ideal for parents busy with the myriad demands of work and family life. If you need to squeeze in an episode here and there, early in the morning or late at night, Sky Anytime+ is made to fit around your schedule.


Once you have Sky Anytime+ and Broadband Unlimited, you'll have access to complete boxsets of different TV shows. From 24 and Lie to Me to The Sopranos and the groundbreaking The Wire. Depending on your Sky TV package, you could also watch top movies, sports, documentaries and a heap of other gripping programmes, when it suits you. 

This comprehensive library of quality programmes is ready and waiting for anyone with a Sky+HD box and Sky Broadband Unlimited- and it's included in the cost of your subscription. The content you have access to will just depend on the subscription you have. 

To make it even easier, Sky will help you set up Sky Anytime+, although there may be a small fee to activate. To find out more, just go, and you'll be ready to go.


Last updated: about 3 years ago